Darwen Brass Win At Tameside

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    The members of Darwen Brass rounded off a highly successful first year by winning the Fourth Section at the recent Tameside Contest.
    Darwen conducted by Steve Hartley, played Four Cities Symphony by Rodney Newton, and off a number one draw did enough to impress adjudicator Barry Thompson and take the Leader Trophy and the £600 first prize.
    The band recently celebrated its first birthday, and the win at Tameside was the icing on the cake ending their first year in some style.
    MD Steve Hartley - "We have had a tremendous first year together, one which I have enjoyed immensely. The players have worked very hard, and this result is reward for all that hard work. They gave a solid musical performance of Four Cities, and in only our fourth contest together displayed maturity and discipline on stage."
    Darwen Brass are now preparing for the Whit Friday March Contests on May 16th, as well as a series of summer marches and concerts. They will then begin their next contesting season commencing with the North West Counties contest at Fleetwood in October.
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    Thats really good after only 1 year together, well done! Especially Miss Carey! x
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    Did Steve Hartley used to play for Windsor Prize Band Salford?
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    according to the info on our website, he conducted them for a while.
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    Is he a member on this site?
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    Yes he is,not sure how often he visits but if you send me a PM I will forward it to Steve if you want to get in touch?

    Mandy (Chair, Darwen Brass)
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    I've only just spotted this.....cheers Leisa!!! xxx