Darwen Brass, Nearly twelve months on.

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    Now nearly twelve months on from the formation of the new Band “Darwen Brass” which started in the early days of January 2007 without even a name. It seems like it has been one head long rush of enthusiasm and success.
    At the start of January after advertising both locally and nationally for players, the band was formed with a list of priorities, mainly to find and audition for a musical director, and also to vote for a name for this new band.
    Created to fill the gap between the Junior Band and the Senior Band of the Blackburn and Darwen Bands, the members first created a committee, found or at least voted for the name Darwen Brass, and successfully held enough auditions to be able to fill the post of Musical director with Steve Hartley. All accomplished by April.
    Steve himself said at that time,
    “I am delighted to have been appointed Musical Director to the new band. When I auditioned for the position some weeks ago there was a definite feeling of excitement and a real buzz about the place. I have conducted various bands over the years, but this is the first time I have been involved at the beginning of a bands musical life. I am looking forward immensely to working with the band, and to a happy and successful association.”
    Since that time the band has moved on at a cracking pace, both in a number of concerts fulfilled and two contests entered. The first contest at Fleetwood, although coming in with a low score it served as a way to introduce newer players to what to expect in the contesting scene. This paid off for the band gained a fourth place at only the second contest entered at the St Helens Wilkinsons contest.
    The Christmas and New Year period is now on us and has seen a lot of Christmas type of work including a long list of carolling jobs in the lead up to the seasonal festivities.
    A further statement from our MD Steve Hartley, after this years advances.

    “The band has enjoyed a successful year, and the past eight months since I was appointed MD have been both enjoyable and rewarding. We have undertaken many engagements including a cracking concert at St Cuthberts church in Darwen, and have also competed at Fleetwood and Wilkinson's contests. The fourth place gained at Wilkinson's was particularly rewarding, and credit to the band for the hard work we all put in on “Dimensions.”
    We are now working on Four Cities Symphony for the Area Contest in March, together with music for our next Concert which will hopefully take place Mid February. I am looking forward immensely to both these events, as well as the continuation of our Concert and Contest work as we move through 2008.”

    We are still looking for new players to come and join us, we could do with another front row cornet on a permanent basis. Also due to our solo baritone being promoted up to the senior band we need both a baritone and at least one more bass player.

    Contact and details can be obtained from our secretary Ruth McIver on 01254 774204.
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    Congratulations! All that hard work is clearly paying off! Best wishes for the future!
  3. sopranoplayer

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    I can't believe we are 1 year old tomorrow :eek:

    Time has really flown by.

    I would just like to take this opportunity to say to say a big well done to all at Darwen Brass :clap:

    Its been a great year for all involved and I've enjoyed every minute :cool:

    Here's looking to the next 12 months.

    Well done and Happy Birthday for tomorrow
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    Well done, a real inspiration to us all
  5. DocFox

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    Indeed, well done. I have started bands (being married to a pastor in the US and you move a bit - so some I have left behind) and the work involved is immense. But bands can survive forever - makes the efforts seem worthwhile. An inspiration indeed!

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    A good year indeed, makes me proud to be back at the band. Good job on the publicity Nev, hopefully we can fill those few vacancies and find me another friend to sit next to me on front row and i am quite happy to give up 3rd man if someone wants it!