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    I was listening to Radio 5 on the way to work this morning and they mentioned about Darley Dale band (I think) playing earlier. Any information about what it was all about?
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    Didn't hear it but suspect it might be to do with a campaign from one of the few remaining players to get the band back up and running.

    Two years ago they were down to less than 10 players (he who's name cannot be mentiond was their Chairman) and they had their "final" performance at the Three Stags in Darley Dale in August 2006.

    Recently there have been a couple of articles in the local Matlock Newspaper, first one said they had 4 players and were looking to encourage people to join, the 2nd one announced that they had increased the band by 300% and now had 12 players.

    Here's the latest article from the Matlock Mercury

    Threatened Darley Dale band trebles in size

    PLEASED: Keith Sheldon has seen a 300 per cent rise in Darley Dale Band members over the last week.

    By Staff Copy

    The future looks bright for Darley Dale Brass Band after an enthusiastic response to its president's call for new members.
    Numbers have risen by 300 per cent in the last week since the story was highlighted in the Mercury, with eight new musicians attending practice this week, said president Keith Sheldon.

    Keith, who has been a band member for over 60 years, said: "We've had immediate interest since the Mercury article and we should be up to 12 people by next week.

    "We've got a few new adults and several schoolchildren coming along.

    "It's great news but we still want more new members, and could do with a musical director."

    With just four members left, the brass band had been facing extinction, despite its successful history.

    But now Keith is looking to the future.

    "We're not thinking about competitions just yet, but probably over the next year we will look at that.

    "I've got us booked in for a show in the Stag's Head in August and we'll do a little tour around the villages next Christmas which'll be great, and hopefully generate even more interest."

    Good luck hope they get it back together.
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    Ha ha ha, I love the way an MD is an optional extra.....

    Best of luck to them.
  4. Jan H

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    good luck to the band,

    but from 4 to 12 members is +8 or a 200% rise, not 300 :tongue:
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    tubafran is right.

    It was off the back of the remarks from the MP discussing the Opera vs Brass Band Lottery funding, but the main basis of the interview was why some brass bands are slowly and sadly going under and that there are some working hard to get back to full strength.
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    Just resurrecting this thread as I have found a BBC video news report here.

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