Darley Dale Cricket Club Massed Band Finale

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    To mark the end of the brass band season at Darley Dale Cricket Club, a massed band will play on Sunday 28th September 2009 at 7:30pm onwards.
    All proceedings raised will go to the two named charities, Althzeimers and cancer research.
    We hope as many people as possible will come along and support the event.
    If you wish to play, please contact Judith Beckett on 01246 857569 or Jane Baldwin 07967324630 so music, chairs and stands can be arranged.
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    Hope it goes well, should be fun. Shame its wychavon weekend or I'd have come down youngman.
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    Wychavon the week before Di.
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    Sunday 20th or Sunday 27th?

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  6. youngman

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    Oops ! 20th !
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    All Sunday Evenings, 7:30 start, BBQ, Bar, Raffle, Auction, etc
    Bands that have played this year at Darley Dale Cricket Club

    June - 6th Shirland,

    13th Bakewell,
    20th Blidworth
    27th Holymoorside
    July - 4th City Of Sheffield ,

    11th Bestwood ,
    18th Shirebrook,
    25th Killamarsh
    August - 1st Hucknall& Linby,

    8th Dronfield,
    15th Matlock,
    22nd B.M.W. ,
    29th Pleasley

    Dronfield Band will be providing the music, MD, players and kit for tonight's final event in the series of concerts at Darley Dale.

    I understand that any money raised tonight will be given to charity.

    We have a few gaps in the band tonight due to short notice on the event so would be happy to welcome any players with instruments there this evening - especially a horn, front row cornet and a tuned kit player.

    Please come along, have a blow or just support the band and help raise a few pounds for charity
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    Last night's concert raised over £300 for Cancer Research and The Alzheimers Society - managed to find a few extra players from Derwent and Shirland to help fill in our empty seats.