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    Hi everyone -

    I'm Colin Dance - a brass band enthusiast and performer since 1969 - and I am the Musical Director of the City of Exeter Railway Band (, who are about to resume contesting after a fairly lengthy absence from the scene.

    I have also started out on a new venture - Dance is with Music - ( an online composition and arranging service (and much more) so I've got plenty to do when I retire - which isn't very far away! The site includes scores and recordings of my works thus far recorded.

    I recently competed Richard Evans' Accrington & Rossendale College Band Studies Course and was awarded a 1st Class Honours Degree. I have also had several of my pieces published by Mf Publications in Switzerland, and other works by MMI Music and Sarnia Music - all of whom can be contacted through my website.

    Please avail yourselves of my site - and spread the word.


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  2. Rodney

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    I see you live in Exmouth - many a summer holiday as a young 'un spent on the beach there. Stayed at my grand-ma's house in Bicton Street.

    BTW welcome :)
  3. Di

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    Hi Colin and :hi.

    Good luck to you and your band on your return to the contesting scene. We look forward to hearing about how progress and how you do in your venture. :tup

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