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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DAN-CORNET, Nov 30, 2005.


    DAN-CORNET New Member

    Hi All:)

    Well it has been some 6 years since i have been involved with the Brass Band movement and now im back and need to catch up on whats been going on,the last 6years have seen me playing jazz trumpet rather than cornet.
    i m wondering if any of my old banding mates still remember me, here is a list of my playing career in no particular order, to jog any memories.

    Principal cornet with: Kennedys SWINTON Band (now disbanded)
    TRAFFORD BAND (disbanded)
    assistant principal with: WINGATES BAND
    LONGRIDGE BAND (also flugal)

    and others that i cant bring to mind at the moment.
    Hope to hear from some old friends
    Danny Riley
  2. Melph

    Melph Member

    Hi and welcome to tMP

    Is it a coincidence that two of the bands you formally played for have disbanded? :)

    DAN-CORNET New Member

    Yes i hope so, both very good championship graded bands although Trafford disbanded some years after i had left
  4. Melph

    Melph Member

    Ok - just thinking of your next band, thats all :) ;)

    DAN-CORNET New Member

    Yes you could have a point;) lol but not thinking of looking just yet , need to catch up first and then maybe i will seriously consider looking for a band
  6. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Good to have you on board, Danny, and I'm sure you'll find tMP a good way of starting on that catching up process ;)


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