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Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by Clyde Slider, Dec 14, 2008.

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    D as in Desford Day that is - back in the summer, my wife, children and brother clubbed together for a joint birthday present for me. This was to win a charity online auction, the "prize" being the opportunity to play one piece with the mighty Desford Colliery Band at their Christmas Concert, which takes place next Sunday. They knew, of course, that I have long been a fan of Desford, and was in the RAH for each of their Nationals wins in the late eighties. :clap: The thought of playing with the band is somewhat daunting, but I am assured by the lady who has organised the whole thing that all will be well! The charity in question is the restoration and repair of the church in Osgathorpe, near Leicester, and therefore a local one for the band. It is a tribute to them that they will help out local organisations in this way, I just hope that I can do them, and myself justice. :( Watch this space for news of my experience!!
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    HI Clyde, congrats on winning the auction. Having been a former member of this band, and competing with them a few times I can only echo your praise of this fine band. Desford for me was the epitome of banding in the eighties. I grew up loving banding as a result of BBC's Best of Brass of which Desford were reigning supreme and 2 players in particular Kevin Dye and Chris Jeans who now are 2 very good friends. I can assure you that you will have a great experience with the band, and when you sit the section both Julian and Lyndon will make you feel very welcome indeed.

    Have a great time and enjoy your moment.

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    Thank you, Richard. The 80's band under James Watson was superb - Chris Jeans, Steven Mead, etc. I am, naturally, looking forward immensley to next Sunday - I don't think there will be a prouder bandsman around that night!!
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    Well? How did you like the 2nd trombone part to Christmas Overture by Golland then?
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    Haha - didn't play it so there!! What a superb day that was - sat in on the two hour rehearsal with Nigel Seaman conducting, who then invited me to sit in for the entire concert, which took me about a nanosecond to think about:biggrin: The entire Desford team made me feel very welcome, and went out of their way to make me feel at ease. To sit in on the concert was a real privilege, ending with the best bit of all - being able to join in, with Desford, for goodness sake, playing The Pines of Rome - what a perfect end to a truly memorable day!!

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