Cyril Dodd and The British Mouthpiece

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    i am researching my wife's grandfather, Cyril Dodd.

    He played cornet and was bandleader with Silverwood Colliery Band in Rotherham.

    He also played in a number of military bands in the years between the wars.

    i know he had some articles printed in the British Mouthpiece in the 60s.

    Does anyone know of him at all?


  2. 5963silversurfer

    5963silversurfer New Member

    Further to this, his father ARTHUR EDWARD DODD was conductor/band leader for SILVERWOOD from 1909 - 1933.

    Cyril also lived, worked and possibly played in the PLEASLEY area on the NOTTS/DERBYSHIRE border during the 1920s.
  3. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid we at have no contest records yet of either Dodd as either conductor or adjudicator. For reference, the current contest history we have for Silverwood Colliery band is here:
    As you can see, the earliest result we currently have for them dates from 1936, while the earliest conductor we have listed against them (Reginald Gray) dates from 1947.

    There's a web page devoted to the history of the long defunct (I don't suppose you know exactly when they folded?) band here:
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