Custom S32 Bb Schilke Trumpet Beryllium Bell FOR SALE $1,350 + Shipping

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    My S32 Bb trumpet in silverplate serial number 455XX custom built for me by Schilke in 2001 with a beryllium bell and B5 main tuning slide that I found provided better response than the stock S32 slide. The stock S32 slide, barely used will be included also.

    All valves & valve slides are free-moving, slick and undamaged, the valves in particular have played in nicely and have never stuck and valve/slide compression is excellent with strong "pops" from all three and no leaks.

    Silver plate is totally intact with just the usual evidence of wear to be expected in a horn treated with respect, bar a tiny patch (smaller than a pinky fingernail) on the underneath of the bell near the 3rd valve casing where the beryllium bronze of the bell shows through slightly. There is a tiny ding in the outside of the apex of the bow in the bell, a slight crease in the flare of the bell. Also, the solder connecting the bell to the stay attached to the leadpipe near the mouthpiece receiver has separated ever so slightly. These are minor issues easily taken care of by a skilled instrument repairer and have not adversely affected the playability of the horn. No case or mouthpiece included.

    Please message me or post here any questions about the horn, shipping etc I'll happily answer. High-Res pictures available to email by request! Thank you.

    Some pictures hosted on Imageshack.

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