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  1. Following on from the 'Hard Cases' thread, I'm wondering if anyone has any reccomendations or suggestions ref custom gig bags.

    I'm looking for a gig bag that holds a tenor horn and a cornet with ample space for music books/accessories as well. Bit of a tall order and I appreciate that there are absolutely none on the market advertised for this use.

    I was wondering if a 'triple trumpet' gig bag would fit t/horn and cornet or my other idea was to get a sports holdall like a cricket or hockey bag and then line it with padding myself.

    Any ideas welcome :)
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    I have just bought a Ritter Triple Trumpet Bag. I keep a Cornet and Sop and there is room for both sets of mutes and still space for a Flugel in there if I wanted. Instead I carry my wifes Trombone Mute. I would Happily say you'll get the Horn in it and a cornet. They're widely available cost about £50 - 60. Seem well put together, hard wearing and have good padding. There is also good space for Music (I can get an Arban in one of the pockets). I would recomend you check it out. Love it best Bag I ever bought!
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    I've just tried a Tenor horn & Cornet in one of our Tom & Will Large Triple trumpet bags see: at £59 plus P&P.
    Room for 2 x instruments, some (perhaps 2 or 3) mutes and two large outer pockets for music etc. (Shown, Rosetti series 5 instruments, similar size to Sovereigns.)
    Additional image on our site shows this bag holding the tenor Horn & Cornet.
    Hope this info. helps.
    Phil N.
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  4. Thanks, I actually ended up getting the Ritter triple trumpet bag and it works like a dream.
    Holds my tenor horn, cornet, mutes and lyres and pretty much all my music books and gubbins (valve oil etc) as well, plus a spare pocket I haven't found a use for yet!
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    Woohoo! Welcome to Club Ritter. Where there's always a spare pocket ! Happy Lugging! :clap: