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    My grandfather often used to tell me of the days (back in the 1920s and 1930s) when Barnoldswick Brass Band used to compete at Crystal Palace. They were conducted by a Joe Smith, once of Fodens. Apparantly, in 1906, the great Edwin Firth sat on top cornet when they won 2nd prize.

    Does anyone have any information on which championships these might have been, or was it the usual ramblings of ones' grandfather?
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    The Nationals used to be held at Crystal Palace at that time.
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    Were they held in Sections, because that would make sense? I can't imagine a tiny village like Barnoldswick at the time competing with the likes of Black Dyke, Fodens, St Hilda Colliery etc.
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    it might of been the result of the 1906 National finals held at the crystal palace that year for the championship section where

    Year: 1906
    Saturday, September 29, 1906
    Venue: Crystal Palace, London
    Charles Godfrey, W. Short, Tom Morgan
    Test piece:
    Gems of Chopin, arr. W. Short
    1 Wingate Temperance W. Rimmer 11-
    2 Shaw W. Rimmer 21-
    3 Wyke W. Rimmer 9-
    4 Pemberton Old W. Rimmer 18-
    5 Goodshaw W. Halliwell 6-
    6 Irwell Springs W. Rimmer 15-
    - Aberaman T. Valentine 10-
    - Barrow Shipyard P. Fairhurst 8-
    - Dannemora Steel R. Richford 4-
    - Gossage Soap Works W. Rimmer 5-
    - Hebburn Colliery A. Holden 1-
    - Hebden Bridge W. Heap 2-
    - Heworth Colliery W. Heap 14-
    - Irwell Bank W. Rimmer 13-
    - Kettering Rifles T. R. Preston 20-
    - Kettering Town R. Ryan 7-
    - Linthwaite (disqualified) A. Gray 19-
    - Luton Red Cross A. Holden 12-
    - Oldham Rifles A. Owen 17-
    - Rushden Temperance W. Rimmer 3-
    - Slaithwaite A. Holden 22-
    - Tonyrefail H. Bentley 16-
    thanks to 4bars rests arcive for this as I was not there that year due to ill health ;)
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    Back in the day, there used to be anything up to seven sections all held at Crystal Palace. The venue was so vast it could easily accommodate thousands of bandsmen and their supporters.

    When I was a youngster, my local band also had to live up to such a legend. Apparently they won at Crystal Palace in the 1920's (eee, and what a band they had then). Only years later I discovered that they had won the 3rd section, but that bit of history had been conveniently forgotten!

    Such was the grand day out that half the village turned out to support them and special trains to London were laid on. Again, I think there may have been a slight bending of the truth over the years!

    Still, I have always wondered what the Crystal Palace was like. It must have been a very special occasion to visit such a place, but sadly there are not many around now who saw it in the flesh (or glass!).
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    Ooh controversy. What happened to Linthwaite?
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    or W Rimmer taking 8 bands out of 21
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    Sounds like something Simon would do.

    It's only a matter of time...;)
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    What Simon Rimmer? he conduct bands too as well as being a chef? ;)