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    I know this is a brass band forum, but for those of you who are interested in something different every once in a while, I would like to inform you of the new CD by my band, the "Koninklijke Fanfare Kempenbloei", a traditional Belgian "fanfare band" (brass + saxophones, with flugel horns and trumpets instead of cornets). The CD was recorded on request from Dutch publishing company De Haske, who is one of the mayor publishers of fanfare band music.

    The CD is titeled "Cry of the Falcon", after the new piece by composer Kevin Houben that was recorded on the CD. Kevin himself conducted the recording of his piece. The other pieces (except one) were conducted by the band's musical director, Ivan Meylemans.

    All pieces on the CD are written by Flemish composers. Besides some pieces by "established" names like Jan Van der Roost, Johan Nijs, Piet Swerts and Jan Hadermann, there are also a couple of new pieces by young and promising composers Tom De Haes, Bart Wuilmus and the already mentioned Kevin Houben.

    The "pièce de résistance" of the CD is the brand new transcription of Jan Van der Roost's impressive test piece "Stonehenge" (originally written for brass band and arranged for fanfare band by Tom D'Joos)

    The full track list:

    * Euro Celebration (André Waignein)
    * Melody in Five (Jan Hadermann)
    * Celebration Fantasy (Johan Nijs)
    * Sword of Honor (Tom De Haes)
    * Evensong (Bart Wuilmus)
    * The Swan on the Hill (Jan Van der Roost)
    * Centennial (Piet Swerts)
    * Domus (Jan Van der Roost)
    * Cry of the Falcon (Kevin Houben)
    * Stonehenge (Jan Van der Roost, arr. Tom D'Joos)

    The CD is available at Kempenbloei's concerts or from the members of the band. It can also be ordered online from De Haske directly (see ). For more infor about Kempenbloei see

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