Cry of the celts

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  1. Was in a concert at Derby tonight.

    I think this piece is a super one for Youth wind bands to bash their way through , anyone agree?

    I would also add "Ireland of legend and lore" to this statement as I think that is great too.
  2. lynchie

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    It's a great suite, although I'm more of a fan of the brass band version, but that might be just because of the differing quality of the groups I've heard play it.
  3. tinytimp

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    I do think that Cry of the Celts works better for wind band than Day of the Dragon IMO (but I've become more familiar with the brass band version before being introduced to the other).

    Cry of the Celts is certainly a great crowd pleaser though.
  4. 5010 Hn

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    Having conducted both wind band and brass band version Id probably go with the wind band version- as it uses the different tone colours to its advantages. The BB version is definitely a lot louder!
  5. Certainly the wind band version isn't too kind on the clarinets ,oboe and euph. It's definitely a crowd pleaser ,I had only heard the BB version before so was quite refreshed with the change.

    I prefer the wind version I think the complex woodwind parts really make it
  6. Dolly

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    Its a good piece for youth band, we enjoy playin it and have had some brilliant results on it - 2nd at Action Research Entertainments Championships 2005 and Tameside Youth Contest Nov 2004 and 3rd at the National Youth Band Championships the other week. Recorded it last year as well