Crotchets and quavers

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Raymond Morris, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Raymond Morris

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    I learned all about semi-breves, minims, crotchets, quavers and semiquavers in Australian brass bands in my youth. Twenty five years later I moved to Canada and found that the Canadian musicians did not know what semi-breves, minims, crotchets, quavers and semiquavers were. They used the American system of whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes. Thirty years later I returned to Australia and had to deal with semi-breves, minims, crotchets, quavers and semiquavers again.

    The American system is so much easier than the English system. Musicians do not have learn all those extra words. :)
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    In this country a Bar is a Bar and a measure is a 6th of a gill, but there you go:):):)
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  3. J. Jericho

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    Decades ago a talk show host on the radio here in the US held a contest. The first caller who answered his question would win a million dollars, and there would be a limited number of calls to be accepted. Assuming that no one would be able to answer the question, he asked: "What is a hemidemisemiquaver?" Well, I was on the phone in a hurry, but someone else had already beaten me to it. Man, was the host ever surprised! The problem was that no one at the radio station had authorized him to hold the contest, and there wasn't any money available for a contest, much less $1,000,000! As it turned out the winning caller was quick-thinking employee at the station, who knew that the host's idea was a recipe for disaster, and saved the company from a lawsuit. Not too long afterward, the talk show host was looking for employment elsewhere. I understood the situation, but I was still a little irked. How many brass instruments can you buy for a million dollars? :D
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