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    Congratulations to Abergavenny Junior Band, 2nd place against some very very good town and regional bands.

    All the hard work you have put in over the past weeks showed on stage today , you should all be very proud of yourselves!!!

    Esspecially with such a late draw.
    A lovely balanced programme, with supurb solo playing from the principle players.
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    I have to agree it was an excellent performance from Abergavenny, cracking programme and superb solo euphonium!

    I thought they may have nicked it from us (Lions Youth) personally.

    I don't have full results, but I will try and post them here as soon as I do. Hopefully someone will help me fill in the gaps.

    1. Lions Youth, played 7
    2. Abergavenny, played 12
    3. ..., played 6
    4. Aberystwyth Youth, played 5

    Gwent Bands

    1. Usk Youth
    2. Newport Borough
    3. Severn Tunnel

    Youngest Player: ...
    Special Contribution Award: ...
    Best Soloist: Alex Holsgrove, Euphonium, Lions Youth
    Winning Musical Director: Nigel Birch, Lions Youth
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    Gwaun-cae-Gurwen Youth played no 6. so must have been 3rd.
  4. Thank You very much Tom, for your humbling comment ( i don't think i was superb), i felt the band played really well and a great job was done by the MD Gareth Ritter who inspired all the players. Can I say Lions were fantastic and deserved the win. Congrats and thank you for traveling from England! :tup:tup:tup
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    Anybody know the full results?
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    SATURDAY 26th JANUARY 2008

    The 37th Annual Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band Festival took place at Coleg Gwent, Cross Keys Campus on January 26th and an excellent entry of 21 bands took part.

    The Festival organised by the Gwent Music Support Service reflects the support given by the four Unitary Authorities of Blaenau Gwent, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen to Youth Bands in the area. Such is the success of the event that it now attracts bands from all over Wales , Gloucestershire, Swindon , Dorset and Cheshire .

    The Festival commenced at 9.00am –Section 3 (1 band), 9.20am – Section 2 (8 bands) and 2.00pm – Section 1 (12 bands) and concluded with the full results and presentations, eleven hours later at 8.00pm . The rules state that bands are allowed to play 6 adults plus 1 adult on percussion if required. The band in section 3 played an entertainment programme of their own choice to a maximum of 15 minutes and bands in section 2 & 1 played an entertainment programme of their own choice to a maximum of 20 minutes playing time. Certificates were presented to each band performing and trophies and prizes were awarded to the winning bands in section 2 and 1. The best soloists in all 3 sections were also presented with trophies, presentations were made to the youngest player in each section, merit awards were presented to the highest placed Gwent bands outside the prize list in sections 2 & 1 and winning conductors in section 2 & 1 also received an engraved gift this year. Prize money amounting to £1350 was also available for this year’s Festival.

    The Festival was compered very professionally by David Hayward and was assisted throughout the day by Andrew Jones. The adjudicators for the day were Simone Rebello (sections 3 and 2) and Ian Brownbill (Section 1). Both adjudicators were very impressed with both the presentation and high standard of playing of the bands throughout the day. A big thank you also goes to the stage managers and many volunteer back stage helpers who make this event run so smoothly.

    The results were as follows:

    Section 3 (1 band): Non-competitive section

    Cwmtawe Training W. Pedrick

    The youngest player in section 3 was Ffion Morris (Cwmtawe Training)

    The best soloist award in section 3 was presented to Iwan Davies of Cwmtawe Training Band

    Section 2 (8 bands)

    1. Sherborne Town Youth C. Herbert

    2. North Powys County Youth S. Edwards

    3. Cinderford Academy C. Lewis

    4. Cwmtawe Youth W.Pedrick

    The Highest Placed Gwent Band award outside the prize list was presented to Blaenavon Town Youth (E.Smith)

    The youngest player in section 2 was Callum Lewis (Blaenavon Town Youth)

    The best soloist award in section 2 was presented to Matthew Horne (trombone) of Bassaleg School

    Section 1 (12 bands)

    1. Lions Youth N. Birch

    2. Abergavenny Youth G. Ritter

    3. Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Youth G. Davies

    4. Aberystwyth Youth A. Phillips

    Section 1 Awards of Merit for Gwent Bands

    1. Usk Youth J. Jones

    2. Newport Borough Youth M. Davies

    3. Severn Tunnel Youth A. Ayres

    The youngest player in section 1 was Erin Shorey (Chepstow Town Youth)

    The best soloist award in section 1 was presented to Alex Holsgrove (euphonium) of Lions Youth Band

    The Con Buckley Memorial Trophy was presented to a conductor who has been active in enthusing young players and in forging links with the local community. The trophy which was donated by Brian Buckley and his family in 1999 was this year presented by Brian to Darren Blakemore of Rogerstone Youth Band

    The date of next year’s Festival will be Saturday 31st January 2009

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    Ta very much James, it was our pleasure. I thought your individual performance in particular stood out - you made stuff in the high register look and sound easy! (Must be David Childs rubbing off on you I think ;) )
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    Also, thanks to Kiz7 for the full results! Much appreciated.
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    Couldn't make it this year as I had a job with my band but well to done to Matt for winning the soloist prize with Basseleg and to Darren (my brother-in-law) on his much deserved award for his hard and dedicated work over the years with Rogerstone.

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  10. :tup well done to lions top euph on the soloist prize, forgot to mention it in above post!