Cross Keys Youth Festival.

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    Does anyone know the results of the 1st Section of the contest last Saturday.?
    The only one I know so far is.
    1st Cambourne
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    Hadleigh, Essex
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    Have just found the results of the top of all sections Courtesey of

    Section 3:
    (3 bands) Non-competitive section
    Crosskeys Silver Youth K. Bowden
    Cwmbran Youth Learners Section D. Norman
    Cwmtawe Training W. Pedrick

    The best soloist award in section 3 was presented to Lee Davies (Eb tuba) of Cwmtawe Training Band.

    Section 2: (7 bands)
    1. Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Junior G.R. Davies
    2. Caerleon Comprehensive School S.O’Neill
    3. Cwmtawe Youth W.Pedrick
    4. Bassaleg School K.Blakemore

    The Highest Placed Gwent Band award outside the prize list was presented to Blaenavon Town (E.Smith)

    The best soloist award in section 2 was presented to Dafydd Lewis (euphonium) of Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Junior Band.

    Section 1: (10 bands)
    1. Camborne Youth A.Pope
    2. Aberystwyth Youth A.Phillips
    3. Usk Youth J.Jones

    Awards of Merit for Gwent Bands:
    1. Abergavenny Youth E.Powell
    2. Newport Borough Youth M.Davies
    3. Rogerstone Youth D. Blakemore

    The best soloist award in section 1 was presented to Samuel Eddy (soprano cornet) of Camborne Youth Band.

    Con Buckley Memorial Award

    The Con Buckley Memorial Trophy was presented to a conductor who has been active in enthusing young players and in forging links with the local community. The trophy which was donated by Brian Buckley and his family in 1999 was this year presented by Brian to Jeff Jones of Usk Youth Band.

    The date of next year’s Festival will be Saturday 26th January 2008.

    Does anyone know the rest of the placings.
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    there is also another thread on here which has some discussion about the day on it - i don't know how to do links to it but it is in the rehearsal room and was started some time ago (early Jan) I think.
  5. Kiz7

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    I don't think that they "place" the rest of the bands do they as it is a festival?
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