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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Jack the Baritone King, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Hello, it's me and I'm boared because I'm not going to the pub!!

    I would just like to take this oppertunity to inform everybody that 5 new bums have been introduced to Crofton chairs.

    All 5 of these wonderful players have actually joined from Lofthouse Band.

    Those players are.....drum role please....drldrldrldrldrldrldrl........

    Steve Moorhouse (sop) - a true legend
    Graham Firth (solo cornet) - a hit with the ladies
    Mandy Graham (flugel) - a smashing flugel
    Steve Graham (solo euph) - a real, genuine gent
    Anrew Sidwell (Bb Bass) - moving on swiftly...
    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    I'm sure all of you that know of the fantastic five would like to pass on their best wishes... or sympathy (it's up to you)

    but Crofton Band are very pleased to welcome them and we know that they will be an asset to the banding spirit here, we really do hope that you feel welcome and we love having you around

    lots of love

  2. Saxysuzuki

    Saxysuzuki New Member


    I think you mean MARK Moorhouse on sop - either that or he's been telling me lies for the last ten years!!
  3. Well spotted!! We all make mistakes though, I'm not ashamed!!:oops:

  4. Saxysuzuki

    Saxysuzuki New Member

    Hi Jack

    Yes you are right with your guess, oh and Mark says "just wait til I see him tonight"" (I'd get him a pint in quick if I were you).

    Anyway good luck to all your new players and to the band at the areas, might see you all there!
  5. 'well you can tell 'steve' that if he turned up to more practices, I might remember his name hehehe ;) only joking, please dont!!

    Yep thanks, best wishes to your band too, we better see you there otherwise the party will be dull!! we need the wags there to help us celebrate!
  6. ploughboy

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    LOL - not that much of a legend, NOW Mark on the other hand ;-)

    Still it's given us a good laugh!
    Good luck at t'Area's!
  7. Okay rub it in everyone, I can't help it though I'm just thick!!

    Atleast nobody's commented that Andrew is spelt with a D and not Anrew!!:oops:

    Thanks, good luck to Emley too!!
  8. flugel_fancy

    flugel_fancy Member

    Doesn't mean we didn't notice the spelling error Jack just we didn't want you to feel even worse :biggrin: !!
  9. Oh right!!!:( cheers for that em, have you got a spade? I've decided to create a massive hole and lie there, I was wondering if you'd come and fill it in for me lol.

    Thats the last thread i'm posting without spellcheck!! xx
  10. flugel_fancy

    flugel_fancy Member

    Well I could, but then who would buy the celebratory drinks at the areas when Oughti win??

    Besides if you check most of my posts Im sure at least half of them will have speling errorrs :biggrin:
  11. Its alright, I'll tell someone from the band to have that drink for me hehe you really think that you're going to do better than Crofton?? pfft, its laughable. Not now we've got Steve Moorhouse and Anrew Sidwell you've got no chance:biggrin:

    Yeah but you play for a band from Sheffield, we accept that you're not going to be as litterate as us NORMAL people lol :D
  12. Leyfy

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    Andy Sidwell is playing on bass!?!?!?!?!?

    When I left Lofthouse many moons ago he was on cornet!!

    Why the mass lofthouse exodus - or is it a secret?! ;)
  13. Cornet?? ha I couldn't imagine that. Oh yes well when Sidders joined, he was on Euph but our MD Malcolm Simpson wanted him to sit as far away from him as possible hehe!! :biggrin:

    I'm not sure, I think its because they didn't feel like they were going anywhere, they wanted to join a proper band!! Only joking lofthouse players!! I dont think Andrew Whitaker was best please though
  14. Leyfy

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    I bet ..... had many great times with Lofthouse - the time I thought the Eiffel Tower was falling down/getting soaked marching when they opened up the memorial in Lofthouse Gate/trip to Eurodisney etc.

    Still can't get over it - Andy Sidwell on bass!!! :clap:
  15. Saxysuzuki

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    Not such a good laugh for me at home when he's practising though, our poor animals run for cover when he goes near his sop!! Does having to listen to him practice mean I don't have to listen on the day?

    Good luck to Emley, oh and Garforth (in laws play for them, talk about split loyalty on the day!)
  16. sugarandspice

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    Of course! You can come and have a birthday drink with me in the bar instead! :)
  17. Come on Jules thats not fair, Marks a superb player, I'm sure you love to hear him practice!! I'm gonna lend him my borat thong so he can reach the high note at the end of the test piece. Of course you've got to listen to us, we've got to get the old wags screaming and shouting at the end of it (I didnt mean OLD wags honestly, it just came out hehe) :biggrin: :biggrin:
  18. Saxysuzuki

    Saxysuzuki New Member

    OLD!!!! OLD!!! Just you remember who has photos of you in THAT outfiit -do you want it posting on here!
  19. No you can't!! I'm sorry, I was on about Magret and Angie :D My reputation and street cred is low enough, lets not mention anything to do with borat, french maids or that 50 year old woman that came on to me please!!!
  20. fastrack2000

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    hey jack aren't wags meant to be sort of upper class and very pretty?