Criteria to be an adjudicator ?

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    I'm interested in hearing peoples thoughts on what the criteria should be to become an adjudicator. My own personal feeling is that to be recognised as a credible adjudicator, the adjudicator should have a proven track record of conducting, composing or arranging at the top level. By doing so the adjudicator will have proven beyond doubt that they have the ability to read, dissect and understand a score.

    it seems to me that the recent trend seems to be to employ the best players (some of whom have no conducting experience whatsoever!) as adjudicators. I'm sure we will mostly agree that the best players dont always make the best teachers so what makes some contest organisers think they will make good adjudicators. Being a top player doesnt qualify someone to be an adjudicator, surely? Top footballers dont always make good managers do they!

    So, that's what i think on the subject. Come on people, join in the debate people

    P.S. the opinions expressed in this thread are purely my own and are in no way connected to any band I may have played for. This is not sour grapes either in relation to any contest results I may have been involved in, I'm just trying to provoke a healthy debate on the subject.
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    It seems to me that the only qualification that will satisfy the baying of all the We Wiz Robbed brigade, which is most vocal in this area, is the ability to make sure that no band finishes anywhere but first when they compete.
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    Mybe you should ask the Welsh Area people how they chose ?

    (only kidding before I get a letter)
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    only so long as Mr Buckley adjudicates whatever section Wrexham are in I think!

    (My solicitor is briefed and ready!)
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    I'd like a good musician, with a good criteria-based rubric and the...confidence (for lack of a better family friendly term) to separate bands (and not put them at equal points).
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    Firstly you need to leave your brain at the door, be totally deaf, and be mates with every top section player in the UK. ;)
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    Are there really that many? I honestly can't think of any players without conducting/adjudicating experience who've been hired at a contest I've played in. Care to share some examples?

    I could name several without having to think too hard but that wouldn't be fair one those individuals, i'm not interested in starting a witch hunt!
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    Any decent musician with brass band experience
  11. Accidental

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    I'm not interested in a witch hunt either, just genuinely interested in what you are calling a trend.... pm me?!
  12. GJG

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    An obvious example is probably Peter Roberts. I am in no way calling into question his ability as an adjudicator, however as far as I am aware he isn't a conductor. Although I have to say that on the one occasion we were adjudicated by him I was a little disturbed by his open admission that as an adjudicator he considered himself a "player's adjudicator", and had no interest in interpretation. I know people hold differing views on this aspect of adjudication, and I don't want to open another can of worms, but speaking as a conductor, I don't really see that as a way forward for adjudication. If interpretation is not to be considered relevant to a contest performance, why should I bother turning up ... ?
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    Why are all these shades of grey creeping in? Entering a contest is clearly black or white - you either win or you don't. So, I've come to the conclusion that if ERNIE has any spare time, he could adjudicate ALL contests, and pick the winners at random. People would STILL complain!
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    one of the current crop of newbie adjudicators told a mutual friend after a contest that "we got the band in first place right, we got the band in last place right. The rest we had to place somewhere". Now if thats not a shade of grey then i dont know what is.

    Contesting affects a lot of people, wifes, husbands, children, parents etc. Not just the bandsmen, we deserve to be judged by someone who has got the necessary skill an qualification to seperate ALL the bands in order of merit !
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    Fixed that for you :)

    My only thought on this horridly thorny subject is that an adjudicator should have experience of preparing bands for contests at every level, and certainly not just having played at a very high level or been part-time assistant resident conductor at the band they play in.
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    The result of a contest is black and white, the reason for entering a competition is very frequently not black and white.
  17. Will the Sec

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    And therein, nail, head.
  18. subtlevib

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    Interesting. The whole concept is a bit of a joke really.We all take it so seriously, but it's not given any credibility due to the limitations of those who freely give their time.
    I also wonder, form time to time, what the actual criteria are within the contest. It has to be the only form of contesting in any activity where no one knows exactly what you're being adjudicated on, even if the adjudicators do. Wouldn't it be nice to share...;)
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    I have been asked several times to attend the draw on behalf on another band (once at the lower section finals) and on both occasions I have been astonished to hear the adjudicators lay out precisely what their criteria was for that day's judging. Trouble was, this was a mere 60 minutes before said contest was about to start in room full of players' relatives and mates. I wonder just how much of that information truly got relayed back to their bands.
  20. subtlevib

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    Quite! And would it make any difference to the weeks, sometimes months, of preparation that's preceded that moment. The vast majority are going to press on, regardless. Makes you wanna throw your hands in the air(!) - amateurs guided by amateurs. It's such a crying shame.