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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by cornetchap, Oct 13, 2004.

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    As part of our new child protection policy we need to have a few of our members checked against the CRB, however we cannot do this by ourselves and must submit the checks via an "umbrella organisation". Can anyone provide me with a suitable umbrella organisation that will submit checks on behalf of brass bands and an idea of their charges?

    Cheers, Greg.
  2. That is certainly a "wake up call" to banders......

    You must be doing things "correctly" - but how many bands arn't doing this?

    With children in our band - there is a policy of no "one to one" with children.......full stop.
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    We were fortunate in that our conductor is the local headmaster so we got ours done through the school. You might like to see if there is a youth services department in your county council, they may be able to help.
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    i know everybody that sre connected with the kids at wem are checked, and im pretty sure we did it through the band itself. maybe Roger can remember. If not ill ask at band on Friday and see how it works.
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    Hi cornetchap,

    My wife runs a playgroup/nursery and regularly has CRB checks undertaken for new staff. She uses one of the local Civic Centres - who then in turn contacts the CRB in Wales to do the check for her. Not sure about who the English contacts are, but I am sure the Welsh office of CSIW would point you in the right direction. You might like to contact:

    CSIW (Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales)
    6th Floor Civic Centre
    NP4 6YB

    The CRB www sites are:

    Telephone Numbers:
    Information: 0870 9090811
    Registration: 0870 9090822
    Disclosure: 0870 9090844
    Disputes: 0870 9090778

    Oh... and I now see a UK address...

    PO Box 165
    L69 3JD

    Hope this helps....:)
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    For those of us living in Scotland there is a central body called Disclosure Scotland which deals with criminal record checks. The body which deals with volunteers and voluntary organisations is called the Central Registered Body in Scotland and can be contacted on 01786 849777 or by email on

    As a general rule, and being involved professionally in working with vulnerable people, it makes sound practical sense for those who are working with under sixteens to protect themselves as much as they can. Getting a criminal record check of any sort should be regarded as standard practice.

    Certainly within the SA, if we are involved in any work with young people (particularly at summer music camps) we are required to have a check done.
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    Thanks for this, I'll see what they say.

    Yes, I checked these out but it was a case of where to start with the umbrella organisations. I tried the Methodist Church, but unless you're associated with a church they won't do it.

    It does thanks.
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    If you could check, that would be really helpful, thanks.

    Cheers, Greg.
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    no probs, ill have a word on friday
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    As for criminal record checks... check under 'O'Connor, Des', as he's made loads of them! ;-)

    But seriously, hope it can be sorted out. Good luck!
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    I was waiting for someone to say something along those lines, and seeing as Peter's offline, you were the favourite Dave!

    We've also gone through the checks, don't know exactly what the process was, but can find out at rehearsal tonight.
  12. Dave Payn

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    Welllllll............... I'd hate to be unpredictable! ;-)
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    I'm a senior nurse for a central London teaching hospital.Most of my staff have to have a CRB. Be aware that it can take up too 3 months to get processed.
  14. super_sop

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    HI Greg.
    ive had a word with Ivan, the guy whos sorted us all out. and yes we as a bnad are registerd ourselves so we didnt have to go through any other groups. as far as i can make out from our conversation last nite, one member of the band will have to have extensive searches done, before they can start the ball rolling for everybody else this person will then be responsible for the security of all the checks that are done.

    Ivan has told me that part of the deal in becoming a registered band is that you are suposed to help other bands in the same position.

    ive therefore asked ivan if he can supply me with all the relevent information to pass on to you and anybody else that wants any information.

    Perhaps this would be another idea for a fact sheet John. Im not really very good at doing that sort of thing, but would gladly have ago, as long as i could have some help.

  15. Bob Thompson

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    CRB checks

    I have contacts re CRB checks, enhanced which I presume is what you want, these will cost an administration fee of approx £5.00 as long as the person/persons being checked are volunteers.
    We also have Child protection policy and equal opportunities policy if any one would like copies. These can be amended to suit your Band. please let me know.
    Sorry havent go time to sort CRB link out just yet.

    Stanhope Silver
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    Apologies for not getting back to everyone sooner, but thanks everyone for your responses. I'll contact you via PM if I require further info.

    Cheers, Greg.
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    For everyone's information I have written to the Robert Morgan, Chairman of the BFBB, as a result of an article in their latest newsletter. The message I've sent is given below. If other bands are interested in my proposal then it may be worth lobbying Robert.

    -- begin message
    FAO Mr Robert Morgan

    Dear Robert,

    In your latest newsletter "In4orm!" you ask "What does your band want from the BFBB?"

    Watford Band have just registered as a charity and are beginning to get some younger members coming along. These two events have prompted us to adopt the Child-Safe child protection policy package developed by Avon & Somerset Constabulary. One of the things that we need to do as a band is to obtain disclosure (aka CRB) checks for members who will have direct one-to-one contact with children and young people. As a band we cannot obtain these checks directly and they have to be obtained through what is termed an "umbrella organisation".

    It occurred to me that the BFBB perhaps could or should act as an umbrella organisation for brass bands and produce procedures that bands can use to obtain disclosure checks on relevant people for a nominal fee (typically £5 per check it seems).

    I would welcome your thoughts on this proposal and to learn any further information you may already have if you have already discussed these issues.
    -- end message

    Cheers, Greg.
  18. DublinBass

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    Well done Greg!! It's a pity that with the Watford Band being an official organisation it can not request these checks itself (Diana just had one done on her through my school, Aldenham. It seems like it should be so simple?!). I hope this facilitates the process in the future for everybody!!

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    I had to go through CRB clearing to teach the youth band. It was easy enough I just phoned them up gave them a few details they sent the form out and I got it signed and had to have someone checked various forms of ID. It was all sorted in 2weeks.
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    Who did you phone and when was this? It certainly doesn't look as easy as that from the various CRB and disclosure websites and people I've spoken to.

    Cheers, Greg.