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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by impycornet, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. impycornet

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    This came through today at work.

    Please be on your guard against bogus phone calls claming to be from your credit card company or from Visa or MasterCard.

    The caller pretends to be verifying an "unusual purchase" for hundreds of pounds and says that a credit for the full amount will be made to the account.
    They then confirm the correct address, give apparently bone fide security details and ask for the three security numbers on the reverse of the card "to verify you are in possession of your card".
    This is where the con takes place: as soon as they have these three numbers, they are able to make mail order, telephone order or internet purchases.
    Many people are falling for this scam because it sounds as if the caller is acting with their best interests at heart.
    Banks occasionally call customers as part of its fraud-prevention activities. However, NO genuine financial company will ever ask for any security details about the card as they already have this information.

  2. Charmed

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    Just read this and thought I would 'bump' it as it is important as many people see it as possible!
  3. brassneck

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    - please extend this to callers asking for bank card details as well!
  4. PeterBale

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    Very similar warning posted on the Lloyds bank site.
  5. Chris Sanders

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    I work for CIS, although I deal mainly with life policies, mortgages and pensions, I do also occasionally have to look into ISA's, Unit Trusts and Instant Access Savings Accounts.

    On the VERY rare occasion that I have to telephone a customer to collect information, for example when they have a problem with maturities, surrenders, transfers, personal details or mandate details, rather than take the information over the phone depending on substance I generally ask them to write in, this way not only is the customer or client assured that his/her details are secure, but I then also have the customers signature to the information as a valid form of authentication.

    All banks and building societies have rules and guidelines to adhere to in regards to authentication and the data protection act, if you recieve a phone call requesting information, it is always best to either telephone them back on a number given in the heading of your most recent correspondance or report the call to the bank or building society.

    These and any other problems should be reported to
  6. Chris Sanders

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    Sorry, that was a bit serious for me ^^ i'll go back to being sarcastic and immature now...
  7. brassneck

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    There has been a rise in numbers of fraudulent emails being sent to customers who prefer online and direct (telephone) banking asking for details which could compromise security. Some have been caught out having to close accounts as a result!

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