Coventry Variations - Errors

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  1. Smid

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    Just been informed by Rosehill Music that the composer has now proof read Coventry Variations for a second time and has come up with some errors and additions. These will be released on Friday.

    Be interesting to see what additions are, hope not another antique cymbal or maybe a fifth percussionist!
  2. dashman

    dashman New Member

    Excellent! And good to get the errata well before the contest.
    I hope it is thorough though; I currently have 13 queries on the solo cornet part alone...

    Is anyone up for a DIY errata list, to collect and post to Rosehill?

  3. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe this could become the list, but it may be better to wait and see what's been spotted "officially" first, to save unnecessary duplication :wink:
  4. MartinT

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    I have a suspicion that some of what people think are errata, aren't really.

    Could we declare the bass part in the Chorale an erratum? :lol:
  5. Smid

    Smid Member

    Bass Part

    I agree with declaring the bass part an error! Glad to hear others are finding it so. Its such a blow and having just moved onto Bb Bass it a real fill your lungs and boots job!
  6. tim

    tim Member

    I think the chorale is gr8... as long as u can triple tongue and u split the breathing properly it shudn't be to much of a problem except for the odd person fainting half way through lol!!

    I think the slow variation in the middle will be the decider because all the half decent bands will get all the notes in mostly the right order in the fast movements but it will be the band that give the best reading of the slow melodies that will clinch it... maybe
  7. backrowbloke

    backrowbloke Member

    Triple tongue...blimey - you must be going at some rate. Singling here in Midlands :D
  8. tim

    tim Member

    [/quote]Triple tongue...blimey - you must be going at some rate. Singling here in Midlands :D[/quote]

    we aint reli goin at that much of a rate but its a rate where its hard to single it and its easier on the stamina just to triple it
  9. BottyBurp

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    Wait till the contest! I might go a lot faster on the day!
  10. Smid

    Smid Member


    Rosehill have issued errata sheet for coventry variations. Its available in PDF format by emailing Eric Wilson at

    I've also copied it below for anyone wanting to do a copy and paste!



    The following corrections and additions should be made to both the
    full score and instrumental parts.

    Bar Correction/Alteration
    15 Solo Cornet: insert ‘All’
    61–3 2nd Baritone should have Eb (as 1st Baritone)
    80 Euphonium: insert p
    86–88 Eb and Bb Basses insert diminuendo on first beat
    (as at bar 83)
    160&168 All Trombones: insert accents on both notes
    172 Solo Cornet: insert # to C
    204 Bass Trombone: insert § to E
    214 Timpani: insert mf
    216 Timpani: insert diminuendo on beat two
    Solo Cornet: lower part: insert b to third note (Ab)
    3rd Cornet: insert bb to second note (Bbb)
    Flugel: second note C§, insert b to third note (Cb)
    217 All parts: insert mf
    238–240 E flat Basses: insert § to both notes (C§ & G§)
    246–249 Euphonium: delete b (C§ throughout)
    310&312 3rd Cornet: delete # to top note (E§)
    318&322 2nd Cornet: insert b to top note (Eb)
    351&353 3rd Cornet: delete # to top note (E§)
    359 Snare Drum: insert ‘Snare on’
    393 2nd Horn: should have B# (as 1st Horn)

    6 FEBRUARY 2004

    TEL: 01844 290798 • FAX: 01844 290757
  11. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Now the list is out I have a possible addition:

    Bar 394: 2nd cornet has a D Natural against the 3rd cornet with a D flat (it's either a flat or a sharp they have marked in).. which one of us is wrong?

  12. Smid

    Smid Member

    Cut & Paste

    Sorry to all, cut and paste never works like you want it to the § sign is a natural!
  13. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    I noticed that one as well; examining all the cornet parts in that bar I believe it to be more complex than that. In order that the cornets are balanced (roughly!) I believe the 2nd Cornet part is correct, whilst the 3rd Cornet part is out by a third, ie, 3rd Cornets should be alternating 'C's and 'Bb's, to match the 3rd part of the divisi Solo Cornets.

    This is only my theory of course, and should not be taken as authoritative, however, my own experience with computerised music typesetting makes me only too aware just how easily this type of error can be made!


  14. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Oops! I can't count - it's official. I'm sitting with the part in front of me as well!!!

  15. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    :roll: That's OK; just ignore me.
    (need an emoticon for 'sulking'!)
  16. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    I've not ignored you Gareth
  17. Owen

    Owen Member

    Here are a couple more that are not on the list:

    Bar 129 - Both Euph parts - 2nd quaver should be a semitone sharper?
    Bar 129 - 2nd Euph 3rd beat 1st semi should be B flat?
    Bar 205 - 1st Bari fifth quaver must be G sharp?
    Bar 216 - 2nd Euph first note must surely be G natural?

    Plus does anyone think that the correction to the euph parts from C flat to C natural two bars before R now sounds wrong where it didn't before?
  18. BottyBurp

    BottyBurp Member

    Most definitely!! I was hoping the official errata sheet was going to cure some funny sounds, but I'm going to have to go through it all again with my own perceived corrections... :evil:
  19. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member


    I agree that it is a more pronounced dissonance, however, whilst it may be a matter of personal taste, the resulting chord is a recognisable one, and I believe it to be intentional. (and I quite like it! :) )

    Moreover, it is consistent with the harmonic writing in the rest of the passage, particularly the 1st Bari./Euph./Bass chord two bars before 'Q'; if you consider 2 before 'R' to be incorrect, logically you should expect the Euph. at 2 before 'Q' to be also C flat. Who knows? maybe it should be, but in this instance my money is on the Errata being correct.

    Just my opinion.


    [Edit: Sorry, got confuddled over the rehearsal letters ......... !! ]
  20. backrowbloke

    backrowbloke Member

    Oh oh..... :shock: