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Discussion in 'Brass Band Genealogies' started by PeterBale, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Hadleigh, Essex
    The entry for the band listed under Coventry Festival Band is rather misleading. Although the entry gives a foundation date of 1952, the present Coventry Festival Band grew out of the former junior band, some time after the main band was sponsored by Rolls Royce. As I understand it, the junior band struck out on its own, initially remaining in the former practice rooms, but decided to drop the "junior" from their name as they had more adult players than youngsters, and the name no longer seemed appropriate.
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    You're quite right, Peter - this is one of the "occasional" errors that creep into transcription! It will be corrected in due course.

    Comparing the CFB website with the Jaguar one you can see a discrepancy in the formation date for the original CFB (1952 v 1957) - a possible example of the fog that obscures much of the detail of bands' histories.

    Hopefully, more posts of this nature and subsquent discussions will shed a little more light on some of these.
  3. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    ....and with the band in question, an apt analogy!!!

    I would suggest that the big giveaway to it's year of formation is the "Festival" bit. 1951 being the year of the Festival of Britain. Unless of course 6 years to get things underway is similar to the time it still takes for anything to happen in Coventry :frown:
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