County Durham BBA Entertainment Contest

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    The County Durham Brass Band Association's Entertainment Contest and Summer Picnic.

    Held in the beautiful grounds of the DLI Museum. The Durham Light Infantry Museum is well worth a visit and you can also enjoy the Pal Svensson sculpture exhibition that is on show in the grounds.

    This year's event will be a sure-fire-winner the Durham Brass Band Association's Entertainment Contest and Summer picnic will be held on Sunday July 8th at the DLI.

    This year is something special as on the Saturday of the same weekend we have over 10 top international brass street bands playing in the historic streets of Durham! Then to top that we have MNOZIL playing in the Gala Theatre, What a weekend!

    The CDBBA would love for you to come and stop over and catch all three events in one hell of a brassy weekend! Visit the World Heritage site of Durham Cathedral and Castle See the street bands from Germany, India, France, Holland, America and the UK, then in the evening watch the amazing Mnozil (highlight of the year) and on the Sunday enjoy the CDBBA Entertainment Contest before you head home with a brassy smile on your face!

    What a way to spend a weekend!

    County Durham Brass Band Association is a member of the Durham Brass Initiative.

    The CDBBA Entertainment Contest
    Teesdale Brass Band Contest

    Are both sponsored by
    BRASS: Durham International Festival.
    Supporting and raising the profile of 'Traditional Brass Bands.'

    Let us know if you are coming along and we look foreward to seeing you!
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