Could the Government Organise a 'drink'-up in a brewery

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    It was interesting to read today just how much the future Prime Minister's Tax Credit scheme has cost the country (that is cost the tax payer)

    "Around £9 billion in tax credits has been paid out in error since their launch in 2003 – of which almost £5 billion might never be recovered, it was claimed today.

    Official figures released indicate that HM Revenue & Customs overpaid £1.7bn in 2005/2006 bring the total overpayment since 2003/2005 to £5.7bn.

    The government is already writing off £1.9bn of this as irrecoverable.
    But research by the Liberal Democrat’s indicates that the government has also incorrectly paid out around £3.6 billion in fraud and error since 2003, most of which will never be recovered, meaning that more than £9 billion has been wrongly paid out of which up to £5 billion will be lost."

    This afternoon Ruth Kelly is also to announce a delay in the start of HIPS for new house sales - it's been in planning for 18 months and was due to take effect on the 1st June - this is now being postponed for 8 weeks while they frantically sort out this mess.

    What price the new ID card scheme and changes in planning law?
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    Quite agree. I cannot understand why the government needs to give tax credits. If they think a person should earn x amount of pounds then that is what the minimum wage should be.
    Why should I, through my taxes, subsidise badly paying firms by topping up the wages of their employees. If they can't afford to pay their workers they shouldn't employ them full stop.

    And don't get me started on EMA. Subsidising chavs to stay at school and disrupt everybody. Every child I know who gets it spends it on CDs or driving lessons.
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    Strange. Every young person I know spends it on bus fares and equipment.

    As for subsidising chavs, then to claim EMA you need a household income of under c.£30k pa. Only the 'poor' kids causing disruption then?
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    Nah, mine went into the local economy... mainly public houses. Goes in on friday, spent by 2am saturday morning. Hey, if someone's daft enough to pay a straight A student to go to lessons, then the least I can do is make sure it goes back to them in taxes! It was like paying the Pope to go to church! (hang on, does the Pope get paid?)
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    It's worse than that. It's been in planning stage for TEN years.

    To be honest, as someone going trying to sell our home, I don't think it's worth much in the suggested format. Now, if the seller had to have a survey done that was binding and available to all sellers, it would, in tandem with other elements of the HIP, it would in my view be worth something.

    A totally different issue. Give me a Ken Bates stlye Wembley deal for ID Cards, and I'll go with it.

    I'll wait and see about the planning.....

    Fair enough argument BH, but aside from the fact that some fairly well paid people are on the breadline and need to claim tax credits, your suggested remedy will also destroy any chance the UK has of competing with India, China, Korea, and many others places that are making gloablisation a threat to the UK economy. Every new overseas call centre that opens is another nail in the coffin for us, and a huge boost to the people working in the call centres. Economically, Brown has stuck with the belief that help for the smaller business (and sometimes bigger businesses by accident) and their employees will help the economy overall.

    I'll spare you the statistics from the Global Entrepreneurial Monitor and the Annual Small Business Survey. This has been yawn worthy enough as it is :rolleyes:
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    Damned right they can. Every Friday lunchtime and evening in The Star, The Cardinal, The Litton Tree, The Sanctuary, and MANY other imbibing emporia near to Whitehall.
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    Having read the Planning White Paper, I wouldn't hold out much hope.

    Be prepared for your neighbours to totally destroy your quality of life and not even need planning permission to do so.