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    My band have just finished recording a CD which we are aiming to get out just in time for Christmas.

    We are now looking for a company who can take our master recording and produce between 100 and 500 copies at a (very) reasonable price. The cheapest I have found at the moment works out at £1000 for a minimum of 500 copies.

    I would appreciate the help of anyone who could PM me with the names of compainies they may have used in the past and prices paid if available.

    Many Thanks

    Andrew Rigby
    Towcester Studio Band
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    We use ICC Duplication in Eastbourne.
    Our contact is Geoff Durrant on 01323 647880.

    I wouldn't be able to quote you the prices we pay as we give them over 30 projects a year!

    Surely the people that did your recording gave you a price for the whole package?
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