Cosmic Prophesies

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    Once in a while (between 3.5 to 13 years) mercury can be seen against the sun. If viewed through a very powerful telescope and state of the art equiptment, you can see a tiny black dot moving across the Sun, this is Mercury going in orbit around the sun. This is called a Mercury Transit.

    My new testpiece, Transits of Mercury is based on this event. It will be ready for sale on 10th October, along with In Memoriam Piper Alpha and Lockerbie: A Rememberence.

    This testpiece is a continuation of my major project, Cosmic Prophesies, where a major event for each planet in our solar system is depicted in testpiece-style music.

    The first in this big project was, Opposition of Mars, this is when the Sun, Earth and Mars line up in a straight line, which occurs every 16 years or so, but in August 2003 saw a perihilon opposition, so-called because Mars would be very close to the sun at opposition, of course we all know (or read about) Mars being the closest that it has been in over 60,000 years on 27th Aug 2003 - the opposition was on the 28th of Aug 2003................Anyhow, this testpiece was my entry into the Richardson Award for Composition, which Fodens have still to announce the 2 winning entries. Opposition of Mars will be released as soon as possible.
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    Surely if u looked at the sun it wouldn't do ur eyesight much good, but through a telescope, u'd go blind!
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    Thanx Neil!

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