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  1. cosb. players need

    hi all.

    city of oxford silver band is a bit low on numbers at the moment. of course we are looking for players to sign and join. but if you would like to just come along for a blow then please contact us via email and pay us a visit anytime.

    :D:) :p :biggrin: :p :) :D :cool:

    amicia per musicam, it's music that matters.
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    If you need a dep for a job, I'm happy to help out on anything apart from Cornet really. Life's a bit busy to turn up to random extra rehearsals if there isn't a job on (though I may be able to oblige sometimes during the summer), but do let me know if I can help - ring me on 01865 791156, I'm quite obliging if my diary's free...

    Best of luck with finding more players.
    The area needs a strong COSB for its banding health!
  3. thanks dave

    thanks dave, we'll be in touch:clap:
  4. we need you!

    hi all

    we need players to come and join us. but if you just want a blow or come and sus us out then please contact us. :D especially cornets. we'll look forward to hearing from players of all levels/abilities and experience.

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  5. PeterBale

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    Can I suggest you may get a better response if you let us in on the secret as to who you are and where you're based :?: :shock: ;)
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    I guessing since they are the City of Oxford Since Band, they are located in Oxfordshire, maybe even in Oxford?
  7. dyl

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    I guess the confusion arose as I was merging just as Peter was replying! Anyway, back on topic, any takers for COSB?