Cory to hold Nationals Open Rehearsal

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  1. Chris Thomas

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    The 2007 British Open Champions will be holding an open rehearsal on Phillip Sparke's Music for Battle Creek on Thursday, 18th October, at 7.30pm.

    Lower school hall,
    Tonyrefail Comprehensive School,
    Gilfach Road


    As usual, entry is free and our move to a spacious school hall should ensure plenty of seating. It's an ideal opportunity to see if Gareth Ritter has cleaned his shoes since the Open!
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    Chris I believe your map has picked up Gilfach Road Tonypandy not Gilfach Road Tonyrefail...slightly out I believe:wink:
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    Oops - got my Tony's mixed up!! Well spotted that man! I don't seem to be able to edit the original message, so here's a new link:


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    That's because we only allow edits within 5 minutes of the post time (due to some abuse of the edit feature in the past) - I've edited for you, just in case.