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    Will be interesting to see 4BR's rankings after the last weekend. Before the Europeans, 2nd place Dyke were about as close to Desford in 23rd position as they were to Cory in 1st place. What a storming victory; they really are the best band around. Any of the stats people on here know if Cory's adjudication score of 197 out of a possible 200 is a record?

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  2. euphoria

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    Not quite - If I remember correctly Black Dyke scored 198 in 1990.
    But Cory did indeed produce 2 incredible performances in Lille this weekend.
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  3. PeterBale

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    Just done a few calculations to see, out of interest, whether the results would have been any different based on positions, regardless of points, and it actually comes out exactly the same. There's one more tie, but once the Set Piece weighting is taken into account, it turns out the same.
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  4. ilovespheres

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    And, Cory, continues to dominate the brass banding world after another exceptional win at the Open yesterday. What an achievement, Mr Harper certainly knows how to win a contest. Many congratulations Cory!
  5. Slider1

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    With Steven Mead's adjudication system giving Cory's Soloist 19 out of Twenty, did the adjudicator's take the easy way out and give everything to the winning Band?
  6. ilovespheres

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    Umm I'm not sure tbh you'll have to ask the adjudicators but the 3 of them, in my opinion, played exceptionally well.
  7. Great day with the trip I made from north of the border just a bit shocked when I saw where Fodens came
  8. Cochyn

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    As above, Fodens really didn't deserve their placing!

    But amazing result for Cory again, just untouchable.

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