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  1. tallyman

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    Didn't Cory used to be called ( BUY AS YOU CONTEST ) ?? Perhaps they are just going back to their roots.
  2. Ianroberts

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    So he was sacked ?
  3. tallyman

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    I don't believe he was sacked. Mr Harper has just got more efficient, a couple of years ago he would of down graded to an empty seat in stages as he did with the solo euph seat David Childs to Mathew White to Martyn patterson to empty seat.Now more efficient Mr Harper opts for Owen Farr to empty seat.
  4. MrBaritone

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    But why do that? It can't be good for the band to have empty seats that you simply fill with deps, or empty seats like Simon Howells where you turn up when you can be bothered too. How can a band like Cory run like this and expect to win contests? For example, I did notice from photos from the Europeans, there appeared to be many deps in the band and their overall result was not very good really. Whereas Dyke who have a settled band nailed it. In fact consider this, Dyke have won all the last major contests with a band that has a stable personnel who have gelled really well. Cory it would seem have vacant spots with deps and players like Simon with no commitment. Perhaps we've seen the end of Cory dominance in banding. Perhaps this is due to Phil Harper, I mean can you imagine any of this happening under Bob?
  5. tallyman

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    I'm not sure Mr Harper is soley responsible, but I am sure this would not of been allowed to happen under Bob, I see Grimethorpe are on the up and Cory are making some questionable changes. Could just be coincidence ??
  6. hobgoblin

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    I very much doubt it. My memory is not perfect,but as I recall no player has ever been sacked from Cory - certainly not in the modern BAYV/and Harper eras. It seems players seem to leave due to family/work commitments, or due to the pressure of banding at this level. They don't seem the firing sort from what I see. I'd imagine it's the same with their horn player, and I very much doubt he's either been 'sacked', or is just going to Grimethorpe for more cash.
  7. tallyman

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    I'm sure he's not just going to Grimethorpe for the extra cash..........he might donate it to charity.
  8. tallyman

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    I heard the players have to check the band personel list on the Cory website to make sure they're still in the band before leaving for rehearsals?........just what I heard.
  9. MrBaritone

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    I'm not sure that's accurate. Tally man said the euph with the strange shoulders was pushed out for a start. And as I recall very soon after Mr Harper took over, some of Bob's key players 'left' the band pretty much immediately. Not to mention some of the selective attendance, I'm sure Bob would have been quick to sack people if he was still there. I'm sure there are new faces in Grimethorpe too... I think it's safe to say Cory has definitely seen sackings throughout both the Childs and Harper era's.
  10. stevetrom

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    So much for all the garbage about sackings, etc

    and if you cant be bothered to read the article, a quote from Phil Harper

    "Owen has asked to keep his registration with Cory and be considered number one tenor horn dep, and I'm sure we will be taking up that offer!""

    So not going to another band in the immediate future then.

  11. David Evans

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    Thank heavens for a voice of reason, are all trombones from Oxford sensible, logical and informed?
  12. Pastit

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    The trombones are but unfortunately, the people playing them aren't!!:p
  13. tallyman

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    Congratulations to Glyn Williams on his appointment as solo euph of the world famous Cory band.
  14. Blades4Ever

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    No, I think Mike Wallbridge resides close to Oxford! :)
  15. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member


    The exception that proves the rule.

    Though he does live in south oxfordshire, goodness knows what they are like down there !
  16. tallyman

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    I have just read an article by the Cory band that states they have been "engaged" to play a five concert tour in the USA in early 2016. Directly under that article was an article begging for money to pay for them to go ?? Surely the concert promoters that have "engaged" them would cover all costs and pay the band a fee ?? Am I missing something ?when you "engage" Cory do they play for free and cover there own costs or is this plea for handouts simply for beer money ?? If the former is true Can I suggest the handouts would be better spent on business management course, if the latter is true then lets get pan handling.
  17. Pauli Walnuts

    Pauli Walnuts Moderator Staff Member

    Let's look at this:

    If we take a random figure of 300 people per gig, paying on average $30 (also a random figure, I am paying $50 to see a rock band in 2 weeks time), then the income from 5 gigs is around $45,000. Deduct venue hire and travel between gigs and the net income will be much less - lets say around $30k net.
    I'm a regular US visitor and a week's stay for hotel and flight rarely comes in at less than $1000. So Travel costs will be at least $25-30,000.

    So if I were a promoter, this tour would make no financial sense at all if I had to cover travel costs - there is barely anything left to pay the band a fee either let alone build in my profit.
    So any band undertaking such a tour would need to raise funds to make it happen. You can't knock Cory or indeed any other band for looking for ways to achieve this.
  18. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    It does seem rather a strange way to do things, and raising £16000 over 8 weeks seems rather ambitious, especially as they are not offering much in return for the funds. I've taken part in several crowd-funding enterprises, mainly in connection with planned recordings, and would certainly expect more than a mention in the programme, and a free copy of the same, in return for £100 pledged.
  19. tallyman

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    That argument only works if you use random figures. If you use the real figures it will tell a different story, we don't have the exact figures yet so I'll use the figures for the Grimethorpe tour which you can easily obtain from the ticket sellers such as ticketmaster and the venues. 16,000 tickets sold at an average of $75.00 = $1,200,000 works out at about £600,000.00 sterling. These are facts anyone can check not random numbers as you used, please do check the figures. Lets say flights, accommodation,the hire of concert venues, PR and marketing the bands fee and other costs come in at £300,000.00 that still leaves a £300,00.00 profit for the promoters ??
  20. GordonH

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    "dipping his toes into new musical technology with Besson"

    Endorsing a plastic tenor horn?