Corsham Brass Band - Solo & Quartet Competition

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    Saturday 8th October saw Corsham Brass Band hold their annual Solo & Quartet competition. 53 entrants and performers aged 10 - 50 competed fiercely for cups and medals in the 11 classes under the watchful eye of Shropshire adjudicator Steve Pritchard-Jones.

    The contest was again very well supported and a particularly good entry of young brass players was evident this year. A number of players traveled from Upper Rhonda in Mid Wales and Rochdale near Manchester. Regular supporters from the Shipston and Upper Rhondda Bands had an excellent day and took a number of the prizes.

    National adjudicator Steve Pritchard-Jones said “the standard was one of the highest he had witnessed in recent contests”.

    “It was again really pleasing to see a local contest getting such support and everyone enjoying themselves, which made all the hard work by the Corsham band members so worthwhile” said band contest controller Nick House.

    Due to relocation the Corsham Band are currently looking for a new conductor and would welcome enquiries. Rehearsals are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings’ 7.45pm at the Pound Arts Centre Corsham. All players are welcome, just come along or visit our website Contact Marilyn Kinch 01249 - 760741.


    Class 1 Slow Melody 10 & Under
    1st Gavin Moulsdale
    2nd Cerwyn West
    3rd Briony White
    Class 2 Slow Melody 11 – 13
    1st Ieuan Williams
    2nd Alanah Moulsdale
    3rd Joseph Cook
    Class 3 Slow Melody 14 – 17
    1st Rhysian James
    2nd Emily Aston
    3rd Stephanie Coward
    Class 4 Slow Melody 18 & Over
    1st David Birch
    2nd Mark Hillier
    Class 5 Air Varie 14 & Under
    1st Ieuan Williams
    2nd Stephanie Coward
    3rdR Rhysian James
    Class 6 Air Varie 15 – 17
    1st Emily Aston
    2nd Gareth Robinson
    3rd Leo Roberts
    Class 7 Air Varie 18 & Over
    1st David Birch
    Class 8 Duet 17 & Under
    1st Thomas Sutcliffe & Stephanie Coward
    2nd Jonathon Wears & William Balhatchet
    3rd Leo Roberts & Emily Aston
    Class 9 Duet 18 & Over
    1st David Birch & Leo Roberts
    Class 10 Quartet 17 & Under
    1st Upper Rhondda
    2nd Shipston (Blue)
    3rd Shipston (Red)
    Class 11 Quartet 18 & Over
    1st Shipston

    Shipston Band Prize Winners


    Roger Fido, Corsham Band President, with the 17 and under Duet winners


    The Prizes


    If you would like any further information regarding the contest please
    contact Trevor Rowland on 07780667004
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