Cornwall....the new Yorkshire??

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  1. IanHeard

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    Anyone looking at the Area`s at Torquay last weekend could be forgiven for thinking that it is "boom time" in banding terms for the County of Cornwall at present.
    Every single section apart from the 4th was topped by a Cornish band and the Duchy is supplying the bulk of the bands to Harrogate and the RAH.
    All things being equal there could be 8 bands in the Championship section from Cornwall in 2/3 years time, a potentially amazing feat!
    It is clear that the long-sighted actions of many Cornish bands to produce their own players through quality youth set-up`s is bearing fruit, and I doubt if brass bands generally have a more positive or a higher public profile anywhere as they do in Cornwall.
    As a Cornishman currently "roughing it :)" in a band just across the Tamar, Cornwall has shown us what can be done if you perhaps sacrifice a couple of years decent contest results and invest in the long term future of your band by giving the Kids a go.
    Ian H.
  2. Rebel Tuba

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    :eek: :eek:

    Oh - a joke - :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Nice one......
  3. IanHeard

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    No perfectly serious! :)
  4. DaveR

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    The bands in Cornwall are an example to the rest of the country. Most of them are full of kids who are all really keen. If banding ever becomes extinct in the rest of the world, I am convinced that it will live on in Cornwall!
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    Well never before has a post made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside:D . Being a Cornish Girl myself it feels good to be recognised, especially as i spend my Friday nights teaching new kiddies to play. In our band the principal cornet is only 13 and i must say fantastic, and apart from a few token adults the band is mainly comprised of under-18s. I was feeling a bit down actually after losing a few members who i taught to other bands but this has made me see it is worthwhile. On a good friday night we have 16 beginners in the bandroom. We don't contest at the moment but hopefully with the up and coming talent we may well do in the future.
  6. Di

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    What a worthwhile way to spend a Friday evening. It must be a little disheartening to see the members you've taught walk out the door, but when you follow their progress, it'll make you feel proud that they started with you, and hopefully they'll not forget who set them on the road to success. Keep it up. :clap:
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    You must try not to feel bad about young players walking to other bands, and in a way it is a complement to their teacher who has given them the confidence and ability to try elsewhere. No band has just home grown players, we all benefit from in coming players.
    I think the results for cornwall this year are fantastic, but we left it almost too late. There are an amazing number of bands in cornwall (41 to 48 depending on what you count), but many of these are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Hopefully as the years go by there will be a ripple effect of players going out to the bands that have been unable to start youth learner groups. After all, the banding movement in Cornwall has always been a pyramid, the Champion bands, until rel recently relied on lower section bands to find and bring on talent, and it was the lot of these bands see the fruit of their labours walk away. In my experience although this was always a bit rueful, it was never questioned that good young players needed to move on for their own benefit. Cornwall is full to the brim with ex band members who no longer play, but who when questioned do miss it, but have left due to a variety of reasons.How can we coax them back?
    I think it would be great if we could increase the banding solidarity in Cornwall. One way might be to rejuvenate the CBBA contest? Open adjudication, positive comments, an introduction about each band before playing, special encouragement to non competing bands to just play any piece or join with another undermanned band just for the experience.
    The internet is a great way for people to comunicate without too much effort and so perhaps a cornish banding website?
    Wow, sorry, what a mad ramble, but you know how it is when you start.......
  8. Delbert

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    I have read many of your posts recently and must say that I am disappointed with your attitude. Firstly you say that the draw was dodgy for the top section as two Cornish bands were drawn 10 and 11, and now you try to be funny when someone applauds the work that goes on in a county.

    'You tell it as it is'....well that is your strap line, so I would be interested for you to tell us all what in particular what you bring to the banding movement, apart from extremely childish posts?????

    Genuinely I am interested......
  9. Rosie

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    I totally agree. People seem to be beginning to recognise the hard work going on west of the Tamar. We have several top class youth bands, all suppyling their respective senior bands, with what sometimes seems an endless supply of young talent. In our senior band alone, we have roughly 17 players all under 25. Of course, it should be noted that you need the "older" ones there, as they have unquestionable experience that can be passed on, but it is very promising to see so many youngsters in our county taking an interest in brass banding.

    Many bands in the county have a very bright future, that is certain. It makes me proud to be Cornish!:) :) :)

    Congrats once again to our two Championship section bands, Camborne and Mount Charles, for being chosen to fly the flag for Cornwall!
  10. Rebel Tuba

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    Well where to start:

    1.You don' know me nor my attitude to banding, so if you don't like my postings don't read 'em. My attitude to banding is enthusiastic and loyal.

    2. Sorry to break any Rose Tinted glasses you may be wearing but Cornwall is not the powerhouse of banding. Nor is a Cornish band the supreme band of the WoE, nor is any band in the WoE. There has been no sucessor to Sunlife, in that respect.

    3. My record of what I have put in to banding over the past 26 years speaks for it self, as band committee, regonal committee, Executive member of the Federation will show. So I have given alot of time and persoanl expense to the movement.

    So I return to my 1st line - "if you don't like my postings don't read 'em." I dont need to justify myself to you or anyone else
  11. IanHeard

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    I don`t think anyone (especially me!) is suggesting that Cornwall is the "powerhouse of banding" I was merely pointing out that Cornwall in banding terms is very strong and seems have in place the infrastructure to improve some more....could we say that about Bristol and Gloucestershire? may know more about that Area than me.
    One could argue that "per head of population" Cornwall is the most successful county in banding!
    The example of Sunlife`s sad demise and other bands is precisely (I imagine) one of the reasons that so many Cornish bands opted for their youth policies.
  12. Rebel Tuba

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    Point taken Kirmat, apart from the Acadamy that Portishead seem to be making a good show of there is nothing in this part of the WoE that has the youth infrastucture that Cornwall does (the MC Youth band have proved how good home grown talent can get).

    I think the problem with Cornwall is the lack of work that will drive youngsters to Uni and then jobs far away from the prinipality, butlets hope that this is not the case and that banding reains strong in th very south west.

    However, I dont believe it will ever be as strong as the North due to the geography and nature of folk and work.
  13. Hornblower RN

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    Well done to all you all down in Cornwall...... one of the best counties in the UK...........I only wish we had some positive action here in South Wales. Ammanford Band, Llanelli, Treherbert, Ogmore Valley, Pencoed, British Steel all suffering due to lack of players
  14. Delbert

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    Just to clarify on your comments and I totally agree that I don't have to read your posts. Your name does stick in my mind though over some posting your made following the area 2 years ago, so I do feel like I know your 'style' of posting. Enthusiastic is a great characteristic to have.....I look forward to see even more of your enthusiasm.

    I do not have rose tinted glasses, and we are always looking to improve what we do. Thank you for your comments about our youth band. The senior band is made up of mostly players who started in the youth band, including myself and that has taken 15 years to get to where we are now. I agree that Cornwall is not the powerhouse, but as Kirmat has said we are trying to be self sufficient as we do not have any universities or music colleges within 150 miles!!

    Finally I know you have served on area committees etc, and it is a job I do not envy. Surley though being part of that, you understand that just because two cornish bands are drawn 10th and 11th in a contest, that doen't mean it's dodgy???

    Anyway, you don't have to justify yourself to me at all, so don't!
  15. meandmycornet

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    It was obvious that the cornish bands have a better chance of winning at WoE... simply because there are many many many more of them! in north devon there are only 5 (i think!) contesting bands and 4 are 4th section, and the other is my band... 3rd (going up to 2nd next year) section band!
  16. Liz Courts

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    YAY! Go Cornwall!! :clap:

    It's definitely a place that promotes banding to young people...just look at CYBB!!

    Since moving to Devon I can say that I've noticed a completely different attitude to banding from that in's not as popular, bands aren't as well supported by the public, and it's just not the same!! :(
  17. sugarandspice

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    Agreed! There definately isnt the same attitude to banding in Devon, I am proud to be a product of the Cornish Banding Movement and i think its great! (but then i'm just proud to be Cornish so i'm biased tho!)

    Seriously tho, This isnt completely new- Hands up to Camborne Youth Band, who are National Junior Champions two years running, (did anyone notice?!!) And Mount Charles Youth Band who seem to win everything they enter! CYBB has always been very sucessful, and i think almost all cornish bands have had someone playing for the band at some point. Also, i reckon at least 75% of cornish bands have a sucessful youth/training band,just showing the investiment into the future the banding movement Cornwall is making!
    As for the moving to Uni part- guilty as charged, but then this must be the same in every county? I mean the majority of students move far enough away from home to experience a different living experience, i dont think they are purposely moving away from the banding movement! One thing i can say in relation to Cornwall tho is the number of people who returned from Uni at the areas to support there former bands. Just because we are no longer permantly in the county doesnt mean we dont show support for our roots!

    I think everyone is fully aware that no where will ever match Yorkshire for its quality and commitment to the Banding movement, so lets just appreciate Cornwall for what it is, not who it's trying to be like, and remember that just because we are a million miles away from anywhere it doesn't mean our contribution to the banding movement will ever faulter.

    Kelly xXx (Cornish and damn proud of it! :) )

    PS- Rebel, knew i should of hit you while i had the chance at the weekend! :) :p ;) hee hee
  18. Charmed

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    Well done to Cornwall, but in answer to your question - NO! As a 'Yorkie' (and proud of it) I'm afraid it will take a lot to be the 'new Yorkshire'! :biggrin:
  19. IanHeard

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    Not quite true with every Devon band, my band has 3/4 concerts a year which we organise ourselves in the place where we rehearse.
    The concerts are usually sold-out and consequently the band has a very positive image in and around Plymouth.
    I think it is a case of Cornwall being "banding mad" rather than Devon being a banding wasteland (not that you said that!):)
    Devon has a Youth band which is encouraging and the Area`s were pretty good for Devon if you look hard enough.
  20. Majoresteve

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    There are a few good bands in Devon, but i agree , Cornwall is just "bandin mad".