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    John Brush is working on the history of brass bands and service/volunteer bands in the county of Cornwall. The results of his researches are being made available in the IBEW. For further details, see the Cornish Brass Bands page.

    I am sure John would be delighted to hear from anyone with information or memorabilia about the vintage bands of Cornwall.
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    One band I noticed missing from the list is Saracen brass who were based in Penryn and I think were something to do with Penryn school. I remember contesting agains them, in the late 1980s
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    Thanks for that - I'll add Saracen Brass to the IBEW listing.

    John Brush is concentrating on bands prior to 1945 for his research, so Saracen won't be particularly relevant to him, but the IBEW is interested in all bands!
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    Saracen Brass

    I was a former player with saracen brass until i left in 1985 to join st austell and yes you are correct when you say that Saracen Brass was connected to Penryn school infact the band was formed to allow ex penryn school players to carry on with the organisation after school leaving age. The band was graded at 3rd section nationally and did have some excellent players until they folded late in the 1980's .
    I understand that the instruments and uniforms went to the st keverne band for they youth band .
    I think shortly after this time that the school band also folded which was a great pity as this was one of the most successful school bands during this period appearing many times at the national festival of music for youth.
    during it's heyday the school had over 100 players learning at various standards and i can fondly remember touring germany and also various london schools(i think we did at least two trips). and a visit to the scilly isles .

    all good things come to a end but it was a thrilling time for me and so many former players from this start are playing for various bands and some like my self are now wagging the stick.
    I am interesed to know cornish womble what band you played for.
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    I played for Lanner and then in 1985 went to Redruth when they were in the Championship section under Leonard Adams.
    I always remember Saracen brass as they had quite a funky name compared to our dull "place" names and they always sounded quality on stage.
    During the 1990s whilst in the Royal Navy I was signed with Pendennis brass and I know a few ex-Saracen brass were there as well
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    I must of played at redruth when you were there as i did the summer season or most of it in 1985 until i joined st austell i was the solo horn player of cornwall youth band at the time and i can remember doing various jobs with redruth such as St Agnes Carnival playing at the Boslowick Inn at falmouth and truro gardens to name a few i think we also did hayle band sunday but my memory of that one is a bit grey.
    Anyway good luck at harrogate my see you there as i will be taking St Brewerd Band.
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    Was Glyn Thomas the landlord at the time?
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    yes glyn was the landlord at the time he always kept a good pub and if i remember glyn used to have regular concerts during the summer