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    I know there has been alot of talk on here about Prestige Cornets but I thought this was the best place to get advice.

    Just over 2 years ago I had a new Prestige which was perfect however when it was about 13months old the plating started to wear away. I contacted my supplier and they didnt want anything to do with it as it was out of gauantee. I complained direct to Besson and eventually had it re-plated. Last month I noticed that the plating was starting to wear and I took it into my local music store who said that as it was only in one patch to leave it and that it wouldnt spread. The thing is that the wearing is in exactly the same place as it was before and it is spreading along the main flair towards the bell and there are two more patches appearing. The marks are not in high contact areas so I dont think its acid hands. Its now 14 months since it was re-plated.

    Ive been adviced by Suffolk County Music Service, my School and a number of local bands to complain again. As its over 2 years old who should I complain too? Especially as the suppliers didnt want to do anything last time?

    Help Please

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    If the plating is coming off after that amount of time, I would have a word with Besson direct (best of luck!). You are definitely not alone in having problems with Besson plating, they are probably expecting the call!!

    If the supplier is no use, go straight to Besson. If they are no use and you want it to look as good as it should, try looking at one of the plating companies that exist - it will cost you, but they will probably do a better job than Besson (going from my own past experience).

    When you pay the amount of money that the Prestige cornets cost, you don't expect the plating to come off, especially in the areas where you don't actually have contact.

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