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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by FrenchyCornet, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. FrenchyCornet

    FrenchyCornet New Member

    Hi !
    I'm going to buy a used cornet on ebay uk but don't knwo what's best for my £100 budget.
    Actually I'd like to get a Boosey and HAwakes or a Besson, old if possible but in quite a good condition. The thing is, sometimes I see 2 similar cornet (for me) but one has got loads of bids and the other one doesn't... so what makes the difference ? Is thare an important point I'm not aware of ?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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  3. FrenchyCornet

    FrenchyCornet New Member

  4. FrenchyCornet

    FrenchyCornet New Member

    It's me again (sorry)
    I know I could look insistent but I'm on the way to buy this one and I'd like to get in the coming minutes your opinion about it . Does it look to you as a good cornet ?
    Cheers (I promise that after this auction I won't be that insistent anymore :) )
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  5. Tam O Shanter

    Tam O Shanter Member

    Hi Frenchy.

    If it were me, I would avoid buying an old instrument like that. It is an old Besson Westminster. I had one of those at school (a long time ago). It's an OK instrument, but in my opinion you would get a better instrument by looking at a more modern Yamaha which you should get for about £100 if you're lucky.

    There are a few Yamaha YCR 2330 cornets for sale on ebay at the moment, and they could be worth a look.

    I hope this helps.
  6. chrisjohnston

    chrisjohnston Member

  7. FrenchyCornet

    FrenchyCornet New Member

    thanks to both of you.
    Simon, I'll have a look to Yamaha and Chris, unfortunately, even if you have inexpensive instrumens it's still a bit too much for me ;)
  8. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    For this budget, maybe a bit more, I'd look for an Imperial or New Standard. Old but well built. I bought a New Standard sop and even at 30 years old it outplayed a newish Yamaha. Cost me £150.
  9. FrenchyCornet

    FrenchyCornet New Member

    Thanks all of you for your advices. I finally bought a Besson 600 :

    I don't know if I've done well but at least I'm happy and looking forward to play it. I'm back in the brass :)
  10. Aurora771

    Aurora771 Member

    Wow, that was quick. I've been debating and weighing up different brands of instruments for ages now. Maybe I should become a cornet player ;)

    Anyway, glad you got the instrument you wanted :)
  11. Tam O Shanter

    Tam O Shanter Member

    Well done - that looks like a nice cornet.
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  13. Tam O Shanter

    Tam O Shanter Member

    I think it is a good choice. It's a perfectly reasonable instrument.
  14. FrenchyCornet

    FrenchyCornet New Member

    I hope and think so. :)
    Anyway I feel good today
  15. FrenchyCornet

    FrenchyCornet New Member

    I receive it today, very nice.
    I'm really happy to get back to brass playing
  16. Tam O Shanter

    Tam O Shanter Member

    I hope you enjoy it.
  17. FrenchyCornet

    FrenchyCornet New Member

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