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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by ianwhitburn, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. ianwhitburn

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    Pillowell Silver Band are looking for enthusiastic cornet players to complete the band's line up. We now have a friendly and very honest hard working group of players who enjoy playing (it is a hobby after all) it would be nice to add a couple of conrnet players to complete our line up. As some players are quite happy to move around other instrumentalists are welcome. We can accomodate players of all standards as we also have a training band, so come along for a blow and try us out. for details.
  2. NervyBsMD

    NervyBsMD Member

    Good luck, Ian. I hope you find the players you need.

    I had some very enjoyable times with Pillowell during my spell in the Forest and it would be good to see the band thriving once more.

    Best wishes.

  3. ianwhitburn

    ianwhitburn Member

    Thank you, the band is building nicely after a very sticky start to the year, a couple of cornets would be the icing on the cake
  4. ianwhitburn

    ianwhitburn Member

    I know you are out there somewhere...... we really do only need a couple of cornet players to get the band up to full speed ahead. Can accomodate on front or back row so you can be of front or back row ability. Other players always welcome as we are flexible and mostly friendly!
  5. ianwhitburn

    ianwhitburn Member

    Now really just need back row cornet players but all are welcome!

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