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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by musicmaker, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. musicmaker

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    Ripon City need a top cornet, sop cornet bases Eb and Bb and also a second perc player.

    All players welcome

    Anyone interested contact the band manager

  2. musicmaker

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  3. PlayerPete

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    A good social band - own bar. Thinking about joining. Not too many jobs. Good conductor!!
  4. musicmaker

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    Well player Pete has done more than think about playing he has joined us, peter who has played and conducted the band before joins us filling our top chair. Peter will be working along side me getting the band ready for the areas in FEB!!!!!!!!!!.

    We also have a new solo horn that as just started with the band after leaving Barnard Castle. Marion is also a army musician and I look forward to her help within the horn section.

    The band is still looking for some full time basses, we have some that play with the band but don’t want to contest.

    We still need a competent Sop player to fill our line up and any perc players that want to play Tam and join Chris in the shed building department.

    We have are own bar which opens Tue and Fri after band and also on a sat night, we have many functions so loads of beer nights.

    If you want to join us please contact us via the contacts on the web page.


    PS the band has two cornet players off sick at the mo, we would like to wish those players a speedy recovery and send them our love and best wishes, this does leave room for any player that wishes to join for the areas.

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