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    KSB have an immediate vacancy for a horn player - any seat dependent on ability/commitment etc.

    We are a non-contesting band and undertake a busy concert and event diary. We rehearse Sunday 5 to 7pm and Wednesday 7.30 to 9pm at the St Giles' Church Hall, Killamarsh which is 5 minutes drive from either Junction 30 or 31 of the M1 just south of Sheffield.

    We usually have a European tour each year and have an active social element to our banding; this year we are planning a trip to Hungary in August (we were very keen on the inclusion in our itinerary of "unlimited ingestion of wine and beer" at each of our performances in Hungary).

    We have resonably well attended rehearsals, 28 at last night's and the band also has a thriving Training Band of 18 players.

    PM me if you are interested or just come along and give us a try.
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    Update - we are still looking for an additional horn player - any seat.

    Unfortunately due to time and cost restraints we are now planning to go to Hungary next year (delay in getting numbers confirmed has resulted in flight costs going above our budget).

    Reasonable amount of concerts and performances throughout rest of the year and a weekend trip down to Heacham, Norfolk to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the formation of their twin town, Jamestown in the USA.
  3. tubafran

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    We still have a vacancy in our horn section and due to university moves, seats are available for either front or back row cornets.

    We have finished our tours for this year and are currently waiting for final information on a trip to Malta at Easter next year. Busy November and December concert programme (no outdoor carolling)

    We have 22 members and our training band is now up to 20 (13 cornets) so at sometime in the future we should be getting some of these players through to the main band.

    If you want any information about the band please pm me.
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    Just wanted to say that Killamarsh is a lovely band to play for, I've helped them out a couple of times recently and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Although the band doesn't contest, they still are a decent standard and really put the emphasis on entertaining an audience.

    I'd recommend this band to anyone who wishes develop themselves, or wants to have a break from the contesting scene and just wants to enjoy playing.
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    Thanks for the kind words Edward (and thanks for depping). As a player who plays in Killamarsh and a contesting band, I can testify how they are a really fun band and a slightly different experience to contesting bands, and how they are very understanding of people who have commitments with other bands; and play some really good music. Is really good having a mixture of people who play only at Killamarsh and people who play in contesting bands of various sections, as it brings a variety of different approaches and experiences.
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