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  1. Hi, I'm looking to expand my music collection but I really dont know what to get. I'm wanting cornet and trumpet solos, possibly with a piano or CD accompaniment. I'm about grade 7/8 standard so something around there would be good. Not really bothered about the type I just want some new stuff to play. So let me know if you've got any suggestions of things you've played in the past. Thanks!
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    James Watson Collection Volume 1
    James Watson Collection Volume 2
    James Watson Collection Volume 3
    Wynton Marsalis - Carnaval

    Zequinha Abreu - Tico Tico

    A good method I have found of letting students discover new repertoire is to get them to take a glance through the syllabuses for various exam boards over the past few sessions. Always a good source of information.

    The International Trumpet Guild has a good section on their youth site that might be some help

    as Does Hylton Adcroft on his site

    There are also other trumpet based forums around where repertoire discussion and suggestions come up quite often.
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    The Soloists Compnaion volumes 1,2+3 from Wright and Round have a wide selection of solos. These are unaccompanied but Piano accomp's can be bought seperately.

    The Harry Mortimer solo collection has a good collection of cornet solos with piano accopmaniment.

    Look at June Emerson Wind music catalogue. They have a web site and have a huge collection of brass solos. You wont fail to find a few solos that take your fancy on there.
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    The Philip Smith Signature Series would be well worth considering. The album presents seven cornet/trumpet solos that Philip Smith himself has performed and, I think, recorded also. The album comes with piano accompaniment and a CD of the piano accompaniment is also included.

    I can also suggest our Cornet Solos Album. This one contains 14 solos of different styles, all with piano accompaniment. PM or email me if you'd like more information.

    Finally, we offer several cornet solos by Kenneth Downie published in his own Kantaramusik series. These come with piano or brass band accompaniment. Well worth exploring!

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