Cornet/Trumpet/Flugel Solos

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ericthered, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. ericthered

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    Does anyone know any good solos out there for cornet/flugel/trumpet that have that WOW factor (or at least sound impressive) but can be accompanied by a lower section band?

    The soloist is very good but the band is very young and not experienced.

    Suggestions? :-?
  2. Active Member

    Blessed Assurance, arranged by Stephen Bulla, has been used by Philip Smith, James Morrison and Richard Marshall to name but three. The accompaniment is not too taxing.
  3. BenDuke

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    Can anybody tell me where this arrangement of Blessed Assurance can be found? I'm after the solo part first then possibly the full band parts later.
  4. PeterBale

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    It is available with piano accompaniment in one of the USA Eastern Territoriy's solo albums: (Album 5)

    The JWPepper site lists the band version, but says it is out of print. I should think either World of Brass or the Eastern Territory could give you the latest situation.
  5. John Brooks

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    Kevin Metcalf of the Canadian Staff Band arranged (and recorded) The Power of Your Love. Certainly has the WOW factor. Not sure it's been published but you could check with the Canadian Staff Band.
  6. blue juice

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    Harry James Trumpet Concerto
  7. Brian Bowen

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    The brass band version is in the American Festival Series, No. 22, published in 1997 by The Salvation Army Central Territory, 10 West Algonquin Road, Des Plains, IL 60016. Tel. 847-294-2000. Fax 874-294.2299.

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