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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by LauraGxx, May 26, 2004.

  1. LauraGxx

    LauraGxx New Member

    hello everyone! our MD has just asked me& two other players to find a cornet trio for us to play during the summer. but with school and everything we do not have enough time to look aimlessly through loads of different trios. so....i would be very grateful to hear of any suggestions about grade 6 standard please. thanks v much
  2. Bob Stevenson

    Bob Stevenson Member

    Well a nice one which audiences always seem to like is 'Cornet Carillion' by, I think, Ronald Binge (?) Its very impressive once the soloists get their act together, all need to listen to eachother to get the bell effect really neat. You don't hear this piece much now but all the well established Cornish bands such as St Dennis and Camborne etc will have it in their libraries and will probably lend it if asked,....Good luck.
  3. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    Buglers holiday is a classic
    Trumpet blues and cantabile is good if u want to feature the whole section ( not that difficult )
    Cornet Roundabout ( R.Eaves - Edward Gregson )
    There is an arrangement of "Ave Maria " for Cornet Choir and band which is good
    and the Howard Snell " Air from Suite in D " is classy too
  4. iggmeister

    iggmeister Member


    However, Trumpets Wild is always a good one so long as all three players can triple tongue, (or single tongue very fast).

  5. Ginge

    Ginge Member

    '12th Street Rag' is a jolly little number. Well i like it anyway.
  6. Dago

    Dago Member

    Try "Sea Breezes" by Iain Rayner - great number for summer. Published by Prima Arts
  7. TuTuKu

    TuTuKu Active Member

    Do bugler's holiday, it's great!

    We did it at college, i was playing with two trumpets, so was told to make my cornet sound more like a trumpet, which was most degrading but yeah, i like the peice! (apart from the 8 or 9 bar long top C at the end - the trumpets with their pathetically shallow mouthpieces couldn't understand what all the fuss was about)

    TuTuKu xx
  8. Active Member

    There are plenty of cornet trios in the Salvation Army journals;

    Starlights (Howard Evans)
    The Heralds (Philip Catelinet)
    Flying High (James Anderson)
    Celebration of the Century (Robert Redhead)
    The Victors (Bruce Broughton)
    The Veterans (Steadman-Allen)
    Keep in Step (Noel Jones)

    Please contact me if you like the sound of any of those and I'll give you more information.
  9. jobriant

    jobriant Member

    How 'bout a Duet instead?

    My new arrangementof Herbert L. Clarke's cornet duet, "Side Partners," for 2 cornets & brass band, will be published in June by Bayside Music Press. Clarke and Frank Simon played this duet hundreds of times when they shared the top cornet stand in the Sousa Band between 1914 and 1920. Website link is below....
  10. LauraGxx

    LauraGxx New Member

    thanks for all your suggestions guys. keep em coming. thought id better point out that 1 of us can triple&double tongue, 1 can just double and the other can only single. might narrow it down abit!

    ps. i saw u in college today ginge, i had my interview. u will regret ignoring me. trust me. see you at bugle hopefully
  11. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Three Jolly Sailormen.
  12. Santoslitt

    Santoslitt New Member

    OOoo we were gonna play a cornet trio in band Monday! It was called Mexican Hat Dance
  13. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Its beautiful... features the whole section though. Arranged by David Hughes, I think its available from Just Music.

    Trio-wise, I'd go for Trumpets Wild or Buglers Holiday. They're not too tough but sound impressive, and the band parts are fun.

    Does anyone else think the number of features for 3 cornets is weird? They are almost always played by the front row, and I always feel sorry for the 4th man down left sitting on their own like Billy-no-mates! :lol:
  14. LauraGxx

    LauraGxx New Member

    we've never actually played a cornet trio in band before so there have been no billy no mates. also the top 3 cornets dont always have to play it because in our band the two 2nd cornets and me (3rd cornet) are playing because we rarely get to show off our talent! sounds big headed but i think its a good idea. it shows everyone what we are capable of and also gives the soloists a rest and no one is left on his/her own.

    we had a look at Bugler's holiday but unfortunately one player was having difficulty. mayb with a bit more practice we should be okay. anyone in cornwall with scores to cornet trios please contact me! thanx [/quote]
  15. Dawnys_flug

    Dawnys_flug Member


    Quite true!
    We do that. It maintains interest for those that may not have the most interesting part and also gives them chance to shine! :D
    Our cornets have played 12th street rag whih i do like. band parts are quite boring though but the solo parts are nice. We've also done Sea Breezes which is really nice for all the band. Not sure what standard it is though. From what i can rember it is about grade 6 level.
  16. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    Cornet Roundabout is another--you can play it what ever speed to accomodate your friend that can only single tongue--mind you I dont know how it would sound with the tempo down a bit.12th street rag is a good light number.
  17. jim

    jim Member

    What about 'the dover coach' by gilbert vinter fairys did it on a recording in 1994 with Brian Talor, Phillip Chalk & Steve Bastable never heard anyone else ever play it, you may want to work that triple tonging :p
  18. Ginge

    Ginge Member

    Oooh! Sorry! I'll keep my eyes peeled next time! Don't be too harsh to me!!! :shock:

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