Cornet teachers in the Manchester area

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Keppler, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Keppler

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    Hullo people..

    have been asked to enquire about names of cornet teachers in the Manchester area!

    All info appreciated...
  2. Aidan

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    If you can't afford one of the top dogs like Msr's Weebster and Porthouse then you could try Alex Thomas, rep player with ybs, good teacher and good guy. pm me for a number if you want.
  3. NAS

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    Russell Gray... he lives about 15 miles from Manchester...
  4. BIG Paul

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    A good teacher in and around Manchester is Kevin Ackford can be contacted via
  5. horn1

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    Depends what you want really, I teach beginers PM me if I can help!
  6. i would try kirsty abbotts.she took my daughter for a lesson and mydaughter came away with a prize at her next slow melody.although she doesn't live in manchester (cleckheaton)shes well worth going too.

  7. SBB

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    Mark Wilkinson, Principal at Fodens! He's a great Tutor and a great laugh!

    He's on here think he's Wilky???
  8. lilcornetgirl

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  9. flashbarry

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    My wifes dad teaches beginners brass, he is a great player and an excellent motivator. His name is Pete Edge, pm me if you want more information.
  10. Member

    Cornet Teacher

    ii teach kids of all ages and live in manchester
    what standard are you
    i do teach volontary unlike the scrooges who want to make a name for themselves hahahah
    Barry Ogden
    Hollingworth Band
    :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :hammer
  11. Lauradoll

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    Re: Cornet Teacher

    I think some people actually teach to make a living for themselves. I assume it's not your full time job.

    Hollingworth is also spelt wrong in your signature! :wink:
  12. lynchie

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    and just to be picky... flixton did that too!
  13. Member

    sorry if i offended anyone

    i know a little about music and all i want to do is give something back to those in the community who help me turn from being a Manchester scally to an Adult with family Morales if there is anyone who would want my services i wouldn't charge

    I have had peers such as Kevin Ackford and BM Gordon Kirsopp teach me and without their help and guidance my life would have gone a different way

  14. Lauradoll

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    I wasn't having a go, but it seemed like you were slagging off people who charge people to teach them. Great if you don't charge people, but I know a lot of people who make their living from instrument teaching and it doesn't mean they want to make a "name" for themselves because people pay them.
  15. horn1

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    Agreed, I teach to suppliment my income so I can put petrol in my car to get to band. I don't want to make a name for myself and in actual fact I really enjoy teaching the odd student that's interested. Makes a difference from school sometimes!
  16. Re: Cornet Teacher

    You really need to think before you post. I don't how others feel but you're startingto give me a really bad impression of both yourself and your band. You are not the only person on this forum who teaches kids for free and who's band has turned around in the space of 18 months because you have a good conductor but you are the only one insulting other people from the dizzy heights of your soapbox. GROW UP!!!
  17. Keppler

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    Can we return to topic, please..