Cornet teachers around Sheffield

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jonesy, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Jonesy

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    Would be grateful if someone could give me some contacts for quality teachers. I'm going to see Richard Marshall in November but due to a change in his circumstances he can't commit to anything on a regular basis. I'm willing to travel (though not a silly distance!) for the right person. Cheers.
  2. tam-tam2

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    Doesn't Graham O'Connor live in the Sheffield area? (I may be wrong) If he can do for you what he's done for my band' you're on to a winner.
  3. Charmed

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    Yes he does. And he is a great tutor if he has the time. If you want to PM me with more details I can ask Graham if he is willing to take anyone else on. He conducts our band so I see him regularly.
  4. tam-tam2

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    I thought I was right, which means you must play for Hatfield. All the best on Saturday on band plays straight after you I am told!! PLEASE NOTE did not mention drawn numbers! How did your cd recording go?

    Being nosy I see from your profile that you are an EWO, I am an upper primary school teacher enjoying half term, hope you are enjoying the break also.

  5. eckyboy

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    Graham O'Connor is taking us to The Scottish Open. Had a weekend rehearsing with him and thought he was excellent. Really liked his style and humour.
  6. Charmed

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    Thanks, although had one or two problems this week. It has been quite stressful and as I am also the secretary, it's times like this I wonder why I put myself through it???? Most bands go through difficult times, especially leading up to a contest, but I've got to say, this is perhaps one of the worst weeks of my banding life!!!!!!!! :frown:

    With regards to the half term break, unfortunately I don't get the school holidays off. Still have to work (unless I book some of my annual leave), plenty for me to do!

    CD - well, this has been postponed for now!

    Good luck to you and your band on Saturday. Hope you do well. :clap:
  7. Kerwintootle

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    Michelle Ibbotson lives I think in Rotherham and is a great teacher and player.

    Good luck
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  8. Aidan Geary

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    I'm sure if you give PJS Music in Dodworth a call on 01226 200102 (I think!) - Phil Shaw will have all the decent contacts for you.