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  1. Kerwintootle

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    SUNDAY 13TH JUNE 2010

    As part of the 2010 Black Dyke Arts Festival, Richard Marshall invites you to be part of the inaugural Cornet Spotlight.
    The cost for each delegate is £5

    09.00 Registration
    09.30 Masterclass presented by Richard Marshall which highlights the warm up, breathing, tone, lip flexibilities and much more. Everyone will be involved!
    10.45 Meet the Black Dyke Legends
    11.30 Coffee break
    12.00 Massed rehearsal directed by Richard, which concentrates on good music making and playing as a successful ensemble. There will be opportunities to ask questions during this session.
    13.00 Spotlight ends

    Please contact Richard via his website,, for further information and to register your name for the above event.
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    It's at times like this that I wished I lived anywhere in England but Cornwall. I'm so far away from anything good...................
  3. billysackbutt

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    Who will the Legends be please?
  4. Kerwintootle

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    Just confirmed, Peter Roberts and James Shepherd.

  5. towse1972

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    Sounds like a good event. James Shepherd is my all time favourite cornet player and a really nice guy to boot.
  6. Black Dyke Band

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    On Sunday 13th June, Richard Marshall invites you to be part of the inaugural Cornet Spotlight held at Leeds Town Hall.
    The event runs from 9am until 12.45pm and costs only £5 per delegate.
    Included during the spotlight is a masterclass hosted by Richard, which concentrates on all areas of playing and how to improve your standard, followed by the chance to meet and ask questions to two former Black Dyke Legends, Mr James Shepherd and Mr Peter Roberts.
    Following a refreshment break, a massed cornet ensemble will rehearse and perform music by Anthony Plog and Bruce Broughton.
    If you are interested in the above event, please contact Richard and provide your name, standard and contact e-mail address on: or
    Act fast as the deadline for participants is Friday 14th May.