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    Looks a great idea.

    However, slightly off your topic, just received the latest catalogue from 'de haske' with the usual CD. There is a cornet solo, arr by Alan Morrison, of the Eva Cassidy version of 'Over The Rainbow'. Wow, obviously only heard a snippet, but what I did hear made me want to rush out and buy it for our principle cornet player (don't know if he likes this song, :biggrin: ) however, it would suit him down to the ground. Looks like it will be a fantastic piece. Anyone got it, is the whole piece as good as the snippet sounded?
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    Hi Susan.
    didnt this version of over the rainbow win Alan the Fodens Richardson arrangers competition??
    i think its the right one.
    cant say as ive heard it but it certainly must be pretty good to win that award.
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    I've heard Alan play it a few times. It's lovely but highish

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    @Dan - there is no need to do that. We know you are plugging this so please don't bump your threads.

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