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  1. Hovrebo

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    Hi :)

    I was just asked to play in a confirmation. This is the first time it has happened, and I have no idea what to play. Does anyone have some suggestions for a soprano cornet or a Bb-cornet solo I could play ? :D
  2. PeterBale

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    "Prayer of Childhood" is a Salvation Army solo based on a melody written by Les Condon to the children's hymn "Gentle Jesus, meek and mild".
  3. Hovrebo

    Hovrebo New Member

    Thanks :) Couldn't find any recordings of it. But I'll keep looking !
  4. AmandaD

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    'Someone Cares' is a cornet solo in one of the salvation army books, which is a nice peice

  5. brassneck

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    - you can download it here
  6. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    There's the ever-popular "Share my Yoke" as well....
  7. The follow-up cornet solo to Joy Webb's "Share My Yoke" was recorded by Kirsty Abbotts on her solo CD "Soliloquy"...

    A New Dimension
    By Joy Webb

    Arranged especially for Kirsty Abbotts’ solo CD by Stephen Hague, this gem of a piece comes from the salvation army composer Joy Webb (composer of the well known cornet solo “Share My Yoke”). A New Dimension incorporates the same simplicity, lush harmonies and a gorgeous tune as was done in “Share My Yoke”. A perfect addition to any bands library and soloists repertoire.


    Full score & parts: £16.95
    Direct Link -
  8. Active Member

    Nick Tiplady recorded Prayer of Childhood on the recently released recording by Hendon Band called Cristo Redentor.

    Are we talking solos with piano accompaniment here?
    This link shows you six Bb Cornet solos with piano accompaniment although Mexican Hat Dance and La Napolitaine are not likely to be suitable on this occasion (!);
  9. Hovrebo

    Hovrebo New Member

    Thanks to all of you ! :D
    I think I'll find a piece that's going to be really good :)

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