Cornet Solo TITANIA - Rimmer

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    Would anyone have in their library a set of this solo, which dates back to the 1920s or further?
    Amington Band are to re-create a concert which took place 90 years ago at which the Crystal Palace Cup was presented to the band. The solo was played then by Mr William Pollard the bands conductor. We still have all of the other concert pieces in our library but there is no record of Titania so it may be that Mr Pollard provided his own set of music.
    We would be willing to pay whatever costs may be involved to obtain a set.
    Please email
    Thanks for any help
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    Hi I believe we may have the piece your looking for ...I will speak with our librarian tomorrow and get back to you. I think it has been archived so have to find out where.


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    Hi we have an arrangement of this cornet solo, arranged by Bram Gay published by Rosehill Music, in our library should you require
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    Thanks Kenny. Could you just confirm that this is "Titania" by Rimmer and not "Titania's Aria"


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    Sorry, just noticed that ShaunEuph is a new reply!
    I would really like to get hold of the original if possible but it just might be that Rimmer didn't have it published and that's the reason for this Bram Gay arrangement. I'll make enquiries of Rosehill and see what I can find out. Thanks for your reply anyway and if I cant buy it from a publisher I might be back to you!
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    No problem ..according to our library its the Rimmer version .
    If you dont have any luck then let me know

  7. wez.k

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    Hello Kenny

    No joy with publishers I'm afraid, could I trouble you for a set? we'll pay costs of course.