Cornet repair needed in cheshire (manchester)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Trumpet Major, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Trumpet Major

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    Hi All
    I need a couple of things looking at on my prestige cornet and live in cheshire about 10 miles from crewe.
    I wonder if anyone knows of a good repairer in my area or if needs must, I guess I could travel to manchester.
    The only issue is that it would have to be repaired while I wait. A guy at a music shop quoted me 2/3 weeks this morning and that was on the premises.

  2. hellyfrost

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    Heya! You could try Paul Andrews at Brass Toff - he did a very fast service on my horn and he's based in Warrington so not all that far for you. His contact details and website are here
    He's dead friendly and did an excellent job for me!
  3. Trumpet Major

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    :D Hi Helen

    Thanks very much, i'll give Paul a try


  4. Heather

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    McQueens in Pendlebury, Manchester are very good.
    They have a website. Look the name up on google.
    Any problems PM me.
    Good Luck.
  5. Rapier

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    Google doesn't find them.

    But in another thread it's :)
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  6. Roof

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    You could try Dawsons in Chester, the lady there did a great job on my flugelhorn a while back.
  7. boslmjan

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    I can vouch for McQueens.

    I've just had 2 tubas looked at, 1 was completely stripped and restored and they did a fantastic job.
  8. shaunbasstrom

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    I send my bone to paul andrews in warrington, he does a cracking job at a reasonable price. I wouldnt trust anyone else with my instrument, I would highly recommend him.