Cornet (Rep) Whit Friday, Emley.

Discussion in 'Deputies Wanted' started by ploughboy, Jun 15, 2011.

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    My God have you seen all the messages looking for players?!! Oh, well fingers crossed.

    One of our Rep players Tonsil's have disagreed with my choice of March and I need a player for Whit Friday.

    We are leaving Emley (5 mins from M1 junc 39) at 3.15pm.
    Usually back around midnight.
    16+ of the band will be camping in the bandroom, there's food when we get back and usually a few more beers. We've got toilets and central heating, it's posh camping! Reasonable Ex's available.

    I'm not gonna name the march as I think we're the only band that's gonna be playing it, and I wouldn't want to give anyone the chance to point fingers. But a copy via email is not a problem.

    We have a lovely set of band waterproof's (1000+ quids worth) so we can guarantee after spending money on those we won't get rained on!

    If you're free and fancy it, Get in touch. My details are on the band's website

    p.s. (worth a try!) If you're free tonight we have a dedicated march rehearsal7.45pm in Emley! ;)
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