Cornet Players - Who You Faithful To?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by JonBond, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. JonBond

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    Hi peeps,

    A thought has come to mind - doesn't happen very often so I'll make the most of it. From browsing through the forums it seems to me that the Besson Sovereign seems to rank probably top of the popularity stakes when it comes to instrument choice. However, with the sale of Besson etc. it's difficult to know whether Besson will continue to hold it's high spot in Brass Banding.

    What do you use? I've heard Smith & Watkins are good. Anyone here playing one? Having tried a Getzen (and got on surprisingly well with it) I guess that is an option. How about Yamaha? And many others I guess I haven't mentioned.

    So, what do you play? Fight the corner for your instrument manfacturer!
  2. Smith & Watkins

    Try a Smith & Watkins you will not be disappointed, I have never known anyone play one and not be impressed.
  3. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    I have tried one and was not at all impressed
  4. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Having had the same Besson Sovereign 928 for, oh, at least 18 years is suppose I should say Besson. It was one of the last ones made when Besson could actually do proper engineering and as a result I've never had a problem with it in terms of valve action or finish (which were **** on some of the more recent ones). However I've come to the conclusion that it's getting on a bit and I fancy a new one, so next year I be having a good look at a Xeno, and maybe an Eclipse :cool:
  5. stotty74

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    I'm playing on a Maestro in band, and to be honest, although it's ok, i would never buy one. I did try a Smith Watkins, and the whole feel of it was great, but a little out of my price range. The Xeno felt like any other cornet next to it, but was still tempted. The older Besson cornets are great - think a lot of people might agree with that, but not impressed with the newer post-lottery instruments. I have my own Sterling cornet, which i believe was based on the Sovereign design, which i love. Not tried any of the other higher end models.
  6. meandmycornet

    meandmycornet Active Member

    I have a trusty besson sov.... its actually parcelled up in a big box waiting to be sent of to Mqueen's for a 'holiday' at the moment.... so I'm playing a borrowed sov at the mo.... and I HATE IT!!! its ****** awful compared to mine.... I don't know why though :S
  7. Liz Courts

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    Besson Sovereign - and it's lovely!! :)
  8. stopher

    stopher Member

    Got a Smith Watkins after I had my sovereign stolen last year - the only way I could afford one really as the insurance paid for most of it! Had no problems with my sov so was lucky really!

    Am very impressed with it - feels solid and balanced, nice valves, it even bounces (although I don;t recomend this obviously - just a small accident at the Christmas concert when it got knocked out of my hand !)

    Have tried a Xeno for a rehearsal - some good points, some I wasn't too impressed with. Not bad for the price and I would just give it the edge over the Sovereign
  9. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    My band 928 Sovereign is the best cornet I've even had/played on, it'd have to be a special one that would make me consider changing it. The modern Besson ones are no match for it in build quality, especially the valves. They also sound more "trumpety" and less mellow to me.
    We recondition our old Sovereigns rather than get new, and apparently we're by no means the only ones doing this.
    I had a Cortouis at Marple which I liked (although they have tuning issues with Wick mouthpieces apparently), and I've tried a couple of Yamahas which were pretty good, but I still like my 928, even though it's 10+ years old.
    Don't think the band budget will stretch to a Smith-Watkins!